What’s the right level of exercise?

Jamie Z.
something that makes you huff and puff or really feel the burn. It shouldnt be too intense or might hurt yourself but if its not intense enough then you will never see change
Carleen N.
The right level would be whatever works for you at that particular time. I do like to start at the beginning and go from there. Work myself up to intermediate (even if I feel I should start there).
Grace X.
In my opinion, the right amount of exercise would be enough to where you are getting a workout but not to much to where you hirt yourself…You need to push yourself but also know where to draw the line.
Alexis Marie N.
Typical exercise should be at least 15 minutes to a half hour a day .it could include running, basic stretching, sit ups, push ups , squats, jumping jacks and jump rope .You could just take a walk as exercise too.
Lizzie N.
The amount that gives you endorphins and energises you, but also is sustainable that you would be happy to do every week