I always procrastinate on the exercising part of my daily routine. After drinking water, having breakfast, and writing my to-do list, I procrastinate 1 or 2 hours or even more time to do the exercising in my routine. Which makes my daily routine cost a very long time to finish the entire routine. Sometimes I finished my breakfast at 8 AM, but finished exercising at 2 PM. I don’t know if I still can even count it as a part of my morning routine. What do I do?

Beatriz F.
Turn it into the first thing you do, like, before breakfast, before everything, and make barriers to not be able to not do it. Like having to walk down the street to buy coffee or something.

Carmen P.
So I know you might not be open to this but I was wondering if you would change up your routine a bit and instead of having breakfast before your workout time( because for me it is so easy to fall short once I eat I don't want to do exercises at that point or just have something small to eat to get you going like yogurt and nuts or a healthy bar of granola). Immediately replace this (exercise)with your routine. Also put up a poster board with your exercise routine so you can visually see your progress! You are just in the phase of making excuses for not exercising( that is completely normal). I did it at one point myself. This way you get the exercise out of the way before you have a good breakfast. I hope this helps. Look into your time management and find encouraging ways to keep you motivated! Carmen

James F.
Yes, it happens. Easiest way to overcome this , just do easiest exercise for one to two months. Fabulous 1 min just get ready is perfect for this. One more way is don't think anything anfld just start fabulous 7 min exercise, it starts a time so you don't have any choice but to start exercising.

Olivia C.
you don’t have to exercise as part of your morning routine! it’s important to remember that habits and routines are not “one-size-fits-all” and the most important part is that you’re motivated and dedicated! exercising in the morning can be really great, but I’m with you—it’s not really for me and my lifestyle. if you think it’ll help better, exercise in the afternoon. or find another way to get moving, or be active. walking is great—with a pet, to work/school/wherever, by yourself in nature. do what works for you, and it’s okay if that’s different from what works for others! keep it up, you’re super awesome and you got this! <3

Ruslan N.
You're doing great! Ofc you can count it as your routine. It's a long journey. Every day keep trying to minimize procrastinating and eventually it will drop to a minimum time. Just keep trying to discipline yourself every day!)