How can you stay motivated to start your exercise in the evening after work?

Ryan P.
I ALWAYS have my workout clothes ready the night before! I usually change right into them as a reminder to do something! Anything! Also I set and alarm for 5:30 if i haven't worked out yet it guarantees I'll get moving

Selma N.
Honestly, figure out your first step that will get you closer to exercising, and then count down to it and do that step and the next like you’re in the Amazing Race and once you get to exercising you’ll hopefully be laughing at how funny and silly you felt and ready to do some exercise. Also, maybe leave your exercise clothes wherever the first place is you go to when you come home. Also getting cute exercise clothes is a huge boost for me personally.

Candice M.
For me, I really need to be active cause I have to sit 8 hours at work. Being able to workout afterwards makes me feel refreshed and let go of all the stress on both my mind and my body. You don’t have to start complex workout right away. Start with something that’s easy to maintain as a habit and slowly build it. Having an ideal target in your mind will give it a kick. Good luck 🙂

Jim C.
Think about the benefits it will do, at first, you will feel like you can't be bothered bit after you have done it, it's so nice to feel healthy and stronger in yourself.

Veridiana N.
Make a plan and exercise with someone else. This is even better if it’s someone you live with so you’re always around each other.