What toning exercises can I do at home?

Cindy U.
Some exercises built-in in Fabulous are good choices for home exercising. The 7min workout is my daily minimum. When I'm late or in a hurry I try doing at least the 1min "just get moving" workout. If those become too easy for you, you can Google for exercises progressions, like diamond push-ups instead of regular ones, and replace them as you progress. Once in a while I like to do the Fabulous' abs workout too. This kind of exercises are known as calisthenics, and by googling this keyword you can find lots of material and apps for exercising at home. I recommend you try Thenics and Madbarz apps. When I used them I noticed improvements in my body after a few weeks. Beware that some calisthenics exercises put stress in your joints and may injure you, specially if you don't follow the instructions and breathe correctly. Other useful advice is to warm up before and stretch after hard exercise sessions.
Baptiste B.
Well, actually a great deal of exercises. Walking around my apartment in the morning is one of the best things of living here. There are bars (or beams idk how to call) so i can also do the pull-up. And not to mention a tons of exercises that can be done right at home.
Terrence E.
I'm not an expert, but I guess swimming and running is very good for the body. I also think Yoga is very good for toning, and gymnastics.
Alvin W.
Planking is a good toning exercise that youcan do at home. You don't need equipment for it and you can do it for as long as you want or need. 1 minute a day is already enough to build a bit of strength. Because you tighten up all the muscles in your body while planking, it makes for a good short, full-body exercise.
Hanna E.
Check out body weight exercises on YouTube. There's a lot you can do to strengthen and tone just using your own body weight.
Am Ncio Q.
Plenty … have a look at the Nike Training App /Club (NTC) plenty of exercises – no equipment needed & a myriad of other Apps …
Sofie Z.
I just started with crunches. I also found an exercise ball at target for $5 so once I really get into the habit I will start incorporating that as well.
Dulce Q.
Depending on your level of fitness there are many ways to work out in the home. I find it easier to follow a pre laid out stretching or exercising routine. Therefore various muscles are stimulated at that session and can be easily repeated when needed. I have a small book that I have used over the years $1 at the check out kind of Book. Nothing fancy but effective. I have created tailor made workouts for different times in my life. I prefer books or written schedules because I have realized the phone apps are way too distracting. My mind will be thinking 7minute workout but my fingers are on Facebook. Then I don't work out. Without contradicting myself.. Classes on my tv such as yoga meditation and tai chi are my latest endeavor. I feel that I should add that Fabulous is helping me to be consistent with exercise. Where before I would not exercise for a day…a week..leading into a month. So any exercise is good. Consistency is the most important for me.