In what order do you perform your habits?

Rita O.
I drink water every morning first thing. Fitness actually happens.later during the day, I just have to make sure I schedule it!
Angelique W.
Exercise & water first!! That way I get myself moving while staying hydrated. Plus I love to start my day working out with my team
Bonnie O.
I try to drink water as soon as I get out of bed but some days I need to go use the restroom first. After I would stretch while ViVi is brushing her teeth. I do about 5-10 mins stretching then I weigh myself. Then we head downstairs for breakfast.
Mato U.
I try to organize them with a flow of what logically(to me) makes sense. Brush, floss, groom, then quiwt and darken the room to meditate, read etc…