What exercises do other people do for 5 mins before work ?

Ma Lys P.
Dance around the house while getting ready to leave.
Spend a few minutes on the elliptical while reading scriptures.
Take a brisk morning walk, even better with a friend.
Bicycle to work.
Sammy O.
This will sound utterly geeky and possibly inaccessible for some but I've been playing Beat Saber, the VR Game. It's so much fun that I end up playing for 30mins and sweat so much that I have to rush a shower and am almost late for work! Highly recommended! (I'm using the playstation VR version).
Glen G.
I actually like to do the 1 min "get moving" exercise and also a stretch. The stretch on here is 10 min, so i tend to use a 5 min stretch from youtube. Search morning stretch and you will find aome that fit the time you are looking for. This is best for me, and it helps wake me up. I have also tried different 5min "hit" exercises in the morning that do work better than coffee… like a stationary bike or some other type thats just quick and a little intense.