Is it okay to have the same exercise plan every day or is it better to change it?

Jeremy N.
It is always better to switch it up. You don’t want to overwork a certain body part. There should also be a day set aside for cardio.

Ana G.
Yes it is ok to do same excercise. But your that excercise should include most of body part and efact as well as.
If I give my example then i do daily 3 Surya-namaskar. Which helps in straching most of the body parts.

Cecilie C.
It is ok.. To have the same exercise plan everyday. Happy that u have made a on it every day. Exerciseing happy in various for for me it give a morning freshness, it burns out some calories, it gives energy e. T. C………. Ok now back to the question yes u can have the same exercise every day and one more thing it is also ok the change ur exercise plan both the ways are good it is ur opinion to chose changing ur exercise plan can give ur body a different experience since ur are sticking on to the same exercise plan everyday and last but not the least SORRY FOR THIS LONG MESSAGE OK….. I WAS SUPER BORED AND HAD NO WORK SO I STARTED WRITING ONCE A GOAIN SORRY GIRL……. ❤

Erica N.
I think it’s fine to have the same exercise plan every day, especially if you are building the new habit. Maybe after that routine is nice and solid and you feel you’re ready, change it up a little bit. Eventually it will be good to change up your exercises throughout the week. Keep up the good work friend!!!!