Is your Fabulous exercise routine in the morning separate from your main exercise practice?

Biolange P.
When I'm at work I walk all day doing over 6000 steps. I tend to just let that be my workout and stretch in the morning.
Beverly Z.
Yes it is. I do quick yoga for my morning routine and then either go to the gym or do a long yoga session in the afternoon.
Baltasar P.
Yes, my schedule isn’t one that allows for exercise in the morning so my exercise routine has remained separate from the morning routine.
Juan N.
No. And honestly, sometimes I just check it off when I’ve exercised at night, because my exercise sessions run longer than 8mins.
Anthony E.
Yes, in the Mornings I try to practice a more gentle form of exercise like Tai chi. I leave the more strenuous exercises for later in the day when my body is more limber.
Zoe O.
If I manage to go to the gym in the morning, then I count it as both my main and morning exercise. If i know I’m not going to the gym until the evening, then I do some kind of exercise in the morning. Dancing, sporadic push ups/squats/etc. for eight minute
Sheila N.
Yes. I prefer long walks in the afternoon when the sun is right and the trails aren't too popular after everyone gets off work yet. In order to fulfill my morning excerise routine, I just do a quick set of situps instead.
Norah Y.
I now just use the fabulous app, and no more. Last night it told me to concentrate on the first three things – not to add any more. I did have meditation and thinking about my purpose in there. These are important to me. Now I have taken them out. I need a lot of help establishing the habit, so I’m going to go with whatever the app says in the beginning, then when I know how to establish habits, I’ll add my own. But yeah, I didn’t have my own routine beforehand
Dolores E.
I want to start doing the 7 minute workout every morning as well as going to the gym for 30mins later in the day after school/work/etc
El A F.
Morning exercise for me it’s just kind of stretching or gymnastic but my main exercise is full body workout coz my target is to gain weight
Rudinele F.
Personally, I like to do a light workout in the morning where I usually focus on my abs. During the day, I prefer jogging, cycling or basically doing any kind of sporty activities.
So MY answer to your question is that if you feel like it, you can definitely workout seperately. Xo
Christina P.
Yes. The exercise in the morning I have it set for 5 minutes for stretching, foam rolling (secret weapon to work out every day is to have a foam roller and use it daily) and jumping around and kicking in the air to get away from the morning grogginess and to gain energy and confidence to start my day. I then prep for exercise. I do 15 minutes of actual physically demanding exercise, then I go for run after. My workout plan every week is: Tuesday Strength day. Wednesday HIIT Run. Thursday Strength day. Friday Active Recovery day(very important day if your going hard) Saturday. Power/Speed day. Sunday. Long run day. Have fun.
Gudrun R.
Actually no, because now I’m not taking sport activities unfortunately. And Morning exercises by fabulous gives me opportunity to begin this activities by small steps
Tilde U.
Some days it’s my only exercise, some days it’s just part of it. I’m active throughout the day most days walking, biking, hiking, etc.
Tristan G.
Yes. I tried to combine them but I found myself skipping days.
Now I do something to get me moving. For example, I'm working my way up to 100 push-ups by doing two more each day (I'm on 18).
(I use a free app called 100 push-ups sometimes too if you like to add some tech.)
That way I have a goal to aim for and can start something different when I'm done.
Sereno Q.
Yes! I usually do light stretch exercises on the foam roller and resistance band for my shoulders. Because of old lesions. The morning exercises have focus on mobility and rehab
Frida C.
It frustrates me no end as I do weights and no cardio, that the exercise routine is added to the morning. My solution is to incorporate some light stretching when I get out of bed and call it done.. I created another weight lifting routine which is three times a week and I’m thinking of adding a 10,000 step one to my afternoon routine
Oc Ane Y.
Usually but not always, my morning exercise is the main one but I normally do at least three so usually it’s my first but not always.
Malo P.
No, I haven’t had a regular exercise routine for sometime. I’m doing a short yoga routine when I wake up. I would like to add a more rigorous routine eventually z
Danuta U.
At the moment my morning routine is the only part that has exercise in it, as I'm just starting out.

However I envision my future morning exercises to be separate from my main routine. Mainly because they have different objectives. My morning exercise is normally under 10mins, a quick boost to get me mentally ready for the day.

My main exercise routine Will focus on improving my fitness, stress levels, and used to get social and or outdoors. More of a chance to discover my likes, dislikes, and to learn how to look after my body.

So short answer, yes they will be separate from each other.

Olivia E.
My fabulous exercise routine, embarrassingly, was my only one. I never really did much activity before fabulous. Only then did I start exercising every day. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jack P.
I am on day 3 of the exercise and I realized they're wanting you to start the day moving, do the 1 min movements if you don't have time. This along with water helps activate your internal systems to start the day. So yes separate!
Guy Y.
Yes! There is nothing wrong with Fabulous Exercises. Seven minutes is not much to sacrifice for a minimal, cardio work plan. I just prefer to do my own, for longer. My focus is not on cardio as much as it is to overall movement. It is, however, not always, a full body workout. It is full-body mechanics – fast walking and admiring the surroundings. You practice efficiency of movement and balance.

Uneven ground walking, uphill and downhill, can improve foot fall placement, while remembering to avoid hazards, like curbs, vehicles, bikers, skateboarders, loose gravel, gopher holes, sand, water, scooters, and the occasional SKUNK!!!

An early morning fast walk takes about 20-minutes to cover one mile. It is usually dark so wear active or passive lighting. This not so much for your vision, it is more about being seen.

This is not for everyone, but anyone is capable of learning to be observant. As for the Skunk, be patient (and quiet), Mr/Miss/Mrs Skunk would rather avoid you, rather than to offer up some “in-scent-tive”.

Traudel O.
That's up to you. Morning exercise is helpful to your energy level for the day, but if you go to the gym regularly and don't have the time to do your routine in the morning a quick morning exercise in addition to your normal routine may be best for you.
Nurettin I.
No, I prefer to exercise in the morning. But if for some reason I couldn’t, I always dance like four songs while dressing up.
Sofia E.
It depends on the day. If I have more time in the morning, then this is my main exercise practice. When I start work early my main exercise practice is in the evening.
Balthasar F.
Right now, yes. I’m still struggling with getting up early in the morning, so 7 minutes of stretching in the am is the best I can do right now. I walk at lunch.
Dorle F.
I think thy can be two in one. But in the beginning the most important part is to build the mindset to do your small habits first, and then when you’re ready you may be committed to both your morning routine and separate exercise regimen.
Ma Lie C.
Yes. I walk my dog in the morning and do a class in the afternoon. Some moments I put my headphones in and have a dance party. But it all depends on what you prefer you and how your day looks.