Does anyone recommend an app for walking, not running?

Charan G.
Apps for walking are designed to track and motivate people who want to engage in walking as their primary form of exercise. These apps can help users set goals, track their progress, and stay motivated to continue walking regularly. Some apps also provide additional features like mapping, coaching, and social sharing to make the walking experience more engaging and enjoyable.

On the other hand, apps for running are typically designed for people who want to engage in higher intensity workouts and may include features like pace tracking, interval training, and goal setting specific to running. These apps can be useful for people who want to improve their running performance, train for a race, or simply enjoy the physical and mental benefits of running.

Overall, the choice between walking and running will depend on individual preferences and fitness goals. Both forms of exercise can provide numerous health benefits, and using an app can be a helpful tool to stay motivated and track progress.