Are there any great yoga or strength training apps that are free to use?

Grace J.
There are some good apps like home workout, but i don't think the apps are necessary tho they do help if you don't want to have to think of excercises. What i do is have a few stretches and work outs i do every day. I have plank, abs, side plank, push ups and a few back and body stretches. Whatever works best for you.
Jonathan W.
I don't know. Sorry. I heard that Hybrid Calisthenics (YouTube Channel) released a new app. I haven't had the chance to look at it but it sounds neat. I know for sure that the YouTube Channel is great. The guy, Hampton, is really friendly and encouraging. He's the one who got me more motivated. I hope he can help you. If not, that's okay. Have a nice day/afternoon/night! =]
Lester W.
You can distract yourself from using your phone by reading a informative article, doing some artwork, strolling in the park and experimenting in the kitchen. I hope you find this informative
Sebastian P.
Yes, I think that nuts are ok, and even tho protein isn't the only thing that makes something healthy, I recommend a breakfast rich in protein. I eat a hard boiled egg, an apple, and some bread and on weekends when I have more time and want something different I make myself scrambled eggs.
Darliane Q.
Something that doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself. Maybe some kind of fruit or vegetable. Not something that is too fatty and unhealthy.
Rosa W.
There is a exercise app I use….idk is that you air not. But that's fully free. Scarch with 'Female fitness' u will get it✨✨
Tyrone O.
For strength or just general training I like to use Nike fitness club. It’s super easy to use and the workouts are short but intense