How do you make exercising a part of your day? Some mornings, I just don’t have time since I have to be at work so early, and when I get home I’m beat. What gets you to go work out?

Rosa Z.
I know the feeling of not having the time to workout thats why I incorporate it in my way to work so I have some movement. I cycle every day from and to work so that way I move without it getting in the way of my schedule and maybe it would work for you too or a variant of it.
Maram Z.
You can get up before sunrise or 2 hours before the work to do yoga, meditate or pray then get breakfast actually you will have enough time to do anything you want just get up earlier. The second option is when you come back from work you can take a nap then do exercise before lunch
Audrina Y.
I suggest the best thing to do is focus on your time management and start with small workouts. For example, wake up earlier to have enough time to get ready for work and throw in a quick workout. You can do 10 pushups and 20 dips before you start getting ready for work, like when you barely get out of bed to stretch.