What do you do in 8 minutes exercise?

Lore S.
I naturally get more energetic at night–which, unfortunately, means a no to trail running–and, instead of looking at my yoga mat, all nicely rolled up and begging not to be undone, I start playing upbeat music which eventually segues into dance music. For a real heart pounder I put on Shakira and try my very best to imitate. My focus on activating my obliques alone makes me sweat 2 mins in!
Addison N.
Practice mindfulness by doing some light yoga and stretching while outside. The fresh air and sunshine reminds me of the beautiful day ahead, and the slow and steady body movements begin my energy!
Reinhardt W.
The given time for the exercise is 8 minutes as I see usually but because of the limited I have I selected the 1 minute basically 'get started' exercise programme to do. Even though it's short it rlly does get you in the game and allows for a fresh start. So while the 1 min exercise may work for me, the 8 mins might work for you. Try it! Either one is good enough, as long as you exercise.
Frida W.
I do a quick abs or full body workout. A combination of jumping jacks/high kicks, burpees, squats and leg raisers/scissor kicks. I follow this up with a minute of stretchinv which for me a more a combination of yoga poses e.g. cobra stretch, downward dog
Mel E.
I am slowly improving my health. For me going outside and sorting through some things is my exercise. And I’m grateful I can do it.
Shauna S.
For a minute and a 1/2 I lightly stretch and breathe deep. I'll then put on some music and dance my heart rate up for 5 minutes. I end the same way I began, with a light stretch and deep breathing for about a minute and a 1/2.
Simone W.
I would say some flutter kicks and hip raises are my main exercises but you could also add some dancing workout here and there and if your 8 minutes aren’t up you could do some plank leg lifts. You could also search some other exercises online do whatever suits you!
Maria E.
Right now in my 8 minute exercise I’m doing some simple physio stretches and exercises I need to do for my knee. I like it because its not too daunting but I feel the benefit and then I feel more ready to cycle/dance/climb at other times of day
Ruth U.
Dance work out on YouTube, normally Disney but whatever feels fun at the time. I’ve also created a playlist so I can easily pick something