Is it always this tough to find the time to exercise??

Rosie Z.
Not always but sometimes the day before is really exhausting and getting up early enough to exercise before work is difficult

No C.
Yes, because as of today we will not tomorrow. we might have no time to do exercise when exams going on or / waking very late / when we are sick .

Cl Dio N.
Noo, according to my research through Google and YouTube the best time to exercise is morning and then it's better to do before you go to work/school which will give you the energy or after coming from work/school .You think it's gonna be hard after the exhausting work ,but you can take that anger or the thing and charge it into the exercise and you'll feel good for sure . I'll prefer morning for sure ,it is the best .i started just doing 10 pushups and 5 inclined pushups and some jumping jacks within 2min.Before fabulous i always did 30 min or something and i will start to stop that.first point is to create the Habbit even if it's 2 min ,after it's created you can increase time, time by time

Tiffany E.
For me, yes. I find it difficult to schedule exercise because I am a business owner and my daily schedule is never the same. I try to keep a consistent sleep schedule and would never workout before bedtime so mornings seem best. The problem with morning workouts is that they force me to delay my working hours when I’m most productive. I still haven’t identified the best way to include workouts but I squeeze them in wherever possible, including choosing to walk to complete some of my errands.

Thaditha X.
Actually it is not😊.may be you have some resistant in beginning, but you will feel more power after exercising,after two or three days.You can add some fun by exercising with an energetic music.

Lea W.
In my experience, yes. I’m in school for the good part of the day leaving me no time to exercise and when I get home, I’m swamped with homework.

Josefine Y.
Yes it kind of is, like I'm always planning all the great workouts I'm gonna do the other day, but on the day itself I'm too exhausted most of the time or other tasks take longer, so I'm too busy or just too exhausted and don't feel like doing sports right now.

Amanda P.
Yes and no. I follow this mantra for a lot of things in life. “If you really want to you would”. It all depends on how much effort you want to put in. Think small not big. Everyone’s personal and business schedules are different and allow for different amounts of time we can squeeze things into. Maybe it’s 5 mins in the morning, or a quick walk around the block or neighborhood after work, or a 15 min workout video. Any amount of exercise is better than none. So focus on that first and then build from it when it become a habit and more doable to your life!

Nellie Z.
Actually it is but whenever you are free even like for 30 mins you can do exercise but if you don't have time a night before sleeping you can do light exercise for flat stomach like 1 min plank and all and if you don't have then you can wake an hour before your usual waking time and can do exercise for 30 to 20 mins

𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒆 𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒆 N.
no,isn't so hard to find a time to exercise, because sometimes i do this as a long walk or something like this when i haven't enough time.