How do you do push-ups?

Cdragonex N.
push ups are actually a lot harder than people think and may take a while to build up strength but starting with wall push ups and working your way lower can help
Luis Z.
In order to push ups start slow steady your body like plank positon for starters you can bend your knee push down then up do as long as needed until you feel comfartable doing a normal push ups it will take time a tip wotld try to practice/challsnge yourself to do a proper pushup start with 1 today 2 tomorrow and so on hope this helps
Nayeli S F.
First, you get on your hands and feet on the floor or wherever you are performing your push up. Next, you make sure your torso and body are straightened, as well as your arms. Then, bend your elbows 90 degrees so you are closer to the floor. Make sure to keep you torso and legs straightened out during this. Finally, straighten out your arms again so you are elevated off of the floor again and repeat! If this doesn’t help look to wiki for a tutorial with pictures!