My entire body hurts, what do you say to yourself to keep moving?

Kelly P.
It depends where the pain comes from. Is it because of exercise or, is it due to health issues? Remember that if you lead a sedantry life with less exercise and suddenly take up a fitness regime or, activity the first 3 – 5 days would seem painful as the muscles in your body had ceased to function normally and had considerably weakened due to inactivity. Let's give you a small example, I used to play soccer till my mid 20's and have never been to a field to play since. During those days lasting 90 minutes or, more on the field was easy. Now if I get down to play there are quite a number of things that would happen, which are, I would be out of breath by possibly 25 minutes, my muscles would ache tremendously as they had been out of practice and primary there would be a good chance of injury as the fitness is lacking. Now if your body is aching just because you sat in an incorrect posture for a long time or, slept with pressure on certain arteries and muscles for a long time, remember that it will be fine and it is a good sign to take up a form of exercise to oil those rusty hinges.
Mac Rio Z.
If when exercising and it hurts because I’m finally moving, I tell myself that soon, endorphins will come and make it hurt less – and they do. I run, but the muscles on my legs always protest and hurt when I start my run. However, I keep pushing myself and about mile 2, runners high kicks in and it doesn’t hurt anymore!
However, if it’s because you’re sick or your joints are hurting or tendons or so, a rest day is good. I’ve been having problems with my hips and knees ever since I remember. It’s a chronic pain, and it’s just the way I was born and there wasn’t much I could do. For a long time, doctors didn’t know what it was or what to do with me. I even ended up in a wheelchair for a couple days because of the pain. But then I found a great physiotherapist and she literally saved me.
So it depends on what kind of pain it is. If it’s just muscles and your body not being used to movement, you need to start slowly but firmly – push your body a little bit. But if the pain is caused by some problem, find someone who knows what they’re doing to help you first!
Good luck and happy exercising!
Isaiah P.
I say to myself that this pain is positive. This pain means that Im doing the work in the right way and at the end of the day my body is going to feel better and better every time I work through the pain
Stephanie Z.
Actually I am in pain after yesterday's workout I never intended to work so hard but sometimes body wants to push that barrier and tests its limit. So yes the results of such days are usually entire body hurting. I usually take warm showers when in pain it helps with the blood flow. Rest and recovery are also part of the training so if if it's hurts it's important to have rest . When body will be rested and we will intake nutrition properly our body will respond to it quickly. Hurt is a sign of exhaustion and if rest is not taken it may cause injury. So focus on recovery.
Christiane O.
I always try to have a positive mind and to be optimistic. I say in my mind "this is getting me a little bit closer to my goal" but watch it, if you’re in a terrible pain rest a day and start slow.
Clarisse B.
Once you start, it gets easier and the pain goes away. After a while, the muscles dont get sore as much after a workout.
Romain Q.
That this is just the beginning and your body will adjust to the exercise. That this is not a pain but the breginning of an amazing time. This is positive!!
L Cio Y.
Start by thinking of a small amount of time, then do your activity for that for that time while doing that just keep telling yourself that you can do anything for that amount of time.
Landon E.
I think the body is a machine and it always hurts to go to places or get things done. However, if it hurts not only because of laziness but from extreme fatigue or an illness, I allow myself to rest and heal. By resting I do not mean sleeping for 11 hours straight or lying in bed for the whole day. What I actually do is I try to take things slowly and do not push myself too hard. I try to get a good night sleep and instead of doing a heavy exercise I practice light yoga and stretching and breathing exercises. Specifically I Practice yoga which is intended to reduce the same type of pain I am suffering from. For example, if I have pain in my shoulders and back I practice yoga for back and shoulder pain release. I find those really helpful. I try to stay hydrated and prefer warm drinks without added sugar and try to avoid coffee as much as possible. The same thing applies for muscle soreness due to over exercising. I spare myself to heal and at the same time make myself ready so that I do not have to waste my next day due to illness.
Adam A.
You can run yourself a warm bath and relax your muscles or tell yourself that it's OK to take it slow as your body needs time to heal and healinsometimes painful. Ask yourself what's happened to cause the pain and it will tell you ways to get rid of it, example if you do exercise then you can stretch your muscles and
Marie N.
I tell myself to keep going, that the pain I’m in won’t last forever. Whatever I’m doing is to better my future so never stop always keep going
Ljudmila U.
What works for me is to focus on how I will feel after working out. Another trick I use is to remember a time vividly when I was proud of a physical achievement. The last trick I use when all else fails is to take a deep breath and embrace the pain- it hurts because my body is getting stronger. I’ll accept the pain and promise myself it will get better.