What exercises do you usually do to get focused?

Kimberly Q.
If I get to do a kind of exercise that I want to do, I am more focused. For example, if I get to ride my horse which is my favorite kind of exercise, and I do it early in the day, I find I can better budget my time and am more goal-oriented to get through other tasks. Because riding my horse and exercising is my way of taking care of myself, it then allows me to afterward take care of everything else.

Kieran C.
Any kind of yoga or meditation mostly, but I also do some pushups every morning. You really have to focus in order to do those correctly. Running can help me focus a little bit. And lunges: you also have to focus a lot to do those

Cherry O.
I use routines to my advantage and do deep breathing. By having the same time each day for my focus work, my brain "automatically" ups it's focus then. Also, I avoid carbs and tryptophan containing foods until later in the day, because they have a sedative effect.