How can you get yourself to get up early?

Alda A.
Try a sunrise alarm clock. I got one for $20 on Amazon. Sleep Cycle is also a good app to wake you gently. I struggle with waking up too so I have both of those in addition to different alarms every 5 minutes on my phone for an hour.
Patsy E.
Find something you really enjoy doing and then plan to do it every morning first thing when you wake up. It makes it so much easier. For me, I love to wake up, grab a glass of water and meditate for 20 minutes. Getting up at 545 is so much easier!
Sofie C.
I try my best to go to bed as early as possible, so that I can still get enough hours of sleep. I also make sure that I have all I need for my morning routine ready, so that I do not have excuses to stop myself from waking up
Marion Z.
Go to bed early the night before so you will be refreshed to wake up early. Open the curtains on the morning and feel the beautiful sunlight!
Andrea X.
My tip is to jump out of bed when your alarm goes off. Go to the bathroom, throw some cold water in your face and drink some too. Then grab your shoes and jacket and go out for a walk. It doesn't have to be long, just go out and take a little walk in the neighborhood or forest and you will be fully awake and ready for the day, trust me, it works and it's definetely worth it. I do it everyday.
Eric O.
Just sleep early and it will be easier for you to wake up early. Also, take some time to relax yourself before you go to bed.
Carolyn C.
I try to keep my goal in mind. In the moment, I want to work on my language skill and waking up early gives me time to do it more effectively. So when I wake up I know that I’ll be missing out if I just snooze my alarm.
Marcus A.
I go to bed early. As long as I get my 8 hours in, it doesn’t matter what time I get up. If I need to get up at 5am I’m in bed by 9pm.
Tracey Z.
Train yourself to go to bed early so you get 8 hrs of sleep. Then, don’t contemplate anything…just get up and follow through.
Juan O.
It is easier for me to get up early if I set my coffee machine to brew automatically in the morning and leave all my food prepped and ready to grab and go. Also I leave my work clothes out to not waste time in the morning. Lastly, I make sure to go to bed early enough to sleep 8 hours.
Kristin O.
A solid routine. I also find practicing the relaxing breath before I even open my eyes, is the best way to wake up. It stops me hitting snooze and turning over for more sleep. It invigorates my mind!
Aliana Q.
I think motivation is probably the most important element. We have moved to Yuma Arizona, where it gets very hot in the summers during the day. Everyone says that you have to get things done in the morning and then stay inside the rest of the day. For that reason I have been trying to wake up earlier and get my exercises done and my walk done first thing in the morning. It seems to be working.
Irina N.
I am a morning person so I am more productive early in the morning. So I prefer to wake up early and exercise in the morning if I dont need to work and continue working after that.
Astrid Z.
I never have problems with early getting up,6 h is my maximum time to sleep if I sleep longer I wake up even more tired and my body doesn't feel good so do I .I'm waking up mostly 5am ,5:30am ,but when I have to take my medicines then they make me dizzy and sleepy ,so then I sleep till 7am .
Erika O.
Go to bed earlier on a regular basis and build the habits of preparing for bed into a routine, but move those habits earlier into the evening routine, so you will feel sleep coming on as you do them. Of course, if you have teenagers in the home, you may have to wait until they fly the nest. 😉
Elwira U.
I put my alarm across the room and I make a point not to hit snooze. My dog helps. The minute my alarm goes off he is up waiting for me to go give him his breakfast. Plus, I make meditating the first thing I do after I roll out of bed and feed koda. I love meditating so it’s a bit of an incentive to get out of bed.
Barb A.
I wake up in stages .have to give myself enough time in bed to feel refreshed, and I wake to drink water. Then I lay down for 15 minutes, and then I get up with some nice music.
Isabella S.
So I set up my alarm using my phone and I place it where I have to get up to turn it off. Sometimes I get tempted to snooze it, so I label my alarms and most times it says motivating and inspiring words that makes me want to be up and awake at a first alarm!
Sergio O.
You can wake up earlier by setting an alarm. The alarm should be set a little bit earlier every day. (Try 10 minutes earlier per day) You want to make sure that your body realizes that you're working towards getting up at a sooner time.
Terry P.
Honestly I’m still struggling with this. And I think it starts the night before, when I decide to get to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep. Makes it is much easier when I am not so tired. That rest is discipline and focusing on the goals I want to achieve…
Mylan O.
I think it is a good idea to have something you can looking forward in the morning. Thus you jumped out of the bed for it.
Klaus C.
Go to bed early!

Seriously, it’s so important to get enough sleep. We think better, our metabolisms work better, we are more able to be kind, … sleep is everything.

In addition to getting plenty of sleep, I also set out my workout gear next to my bed so it’s the first thing I see, and I have no excuse not to put it on. I’ll also set up appointments with friends to work out so I can look forward to the company.

Jack T.
Hi, I don't! I am in my eighties and I wake up by 8 A.M. by my alarm clock, Mischief, my 14 year old Shih Tzu. She rules my life and I love her so much! She is my best female friend!
I take my meds with a glass of cold water from a thermos on my night table. Then I do a hour of stretching my whole body including my double chin. I love it . I feel so much better doing it and I have people and friends asking how much weight did I lose! I have actually added weight because muscles weight more than fat! I have muscles that have impressed my youngest athletic grandsons. I can raise my legs higher than they. Okay I am 1&1/2 feet shorter than are they. My, almost 16 year old grandson this week, is over 6' 4 1/2" tall…..and growing.
I walk my little Queen in waiting, twice a day for about one and a half hours in total. She is the Security Committee Rep. for our street. She keeps terrorists away because my 15 pound canine frightens everybody!!! She is so cute!
Anyway, basically, I do stretching for a long time because I have some physical issues and I tend to fall when doing exercises on dry land! I can do an extended workout in a pool, consisting of exercises, stretching, followed by floating while meditating and/ or sleeping, which is no problem in the pool because it is only 12' long, so I can not get losed! And, I cannot sink in water. That is why I can fall asleep in water, I could swim before I could walk! I need to do some physiotherapy, which I do religiously because she is a significent-other of one of my son's and she is a sweet lady away from work, but if we don't follow her instructions, boy is she tough!
Now that you know my lifestory that wasn't part of your question. It is not so much about the time that I wake up, it is what I do with the time after I am awake! If you are working and have to been there by a certain time, you eventually get used to an earlier time change. However, they only ask for a few minutes to exercise, I think 8 minutes, which is no time. It does get you more awake, than if you would sleep in those 8 minutes.
The chances a good that you are younger than I and surely, in better physical condition. The chances are that if you are busy with a home to keep clean and/or maybe even have kids, in which case, you are physically active to replace some of their activity requests. I had 3 sons in less than 4 years! I volunteered in scouts, school, sports and for me…. Paliative Care for dying people……. 5 full days / week. And in a couple of months, if I live through our condo renovation, after 33 years….much needed, I will volunteer to work with my favorite care giving, that is working with – facially-deformed children. These children are usually healthful and normal, who have happened to have some severely abnormal facial defects, eg; one eye in a forehead, bone structure which is badly malformed. These poor kids do not have people and normal kids, who are not afraid of them. I happen to have a huge amount of love to bring to these wonderful children. I bake great cakes and cookies to bring them. The point is that time can always be found, if your desire to take care of you to as high as it should be, you will change something, get up early, stay up late if you have working days filled up.
In the meantime, I wish you only enjoyment to use The Fabulous'wonderful tools, journeys, challenges, Facebook groups, and more. They are wonderful people who work hard to think up great ideas to stimulate us, their clientele. I wish you good health, great happiness and a lot of laughter in your life. Bye bye.
Virgil Q.
I don't always get up early. But I try to budget the amount of time I have so that there is a sense of urgency to my morning. That might sou d stressful, but with the new habits I'm building, it is helping to start my days off right
Carl F.
The easy answer is by getting enough sleep. What that meant for me however was making the changes necessary the night before. I had to get rid of my mindset of cramming in as much as possible into my evenings. I try to keep my nightsas organized as my morning routine and that has allowed me to get to bed at a reasonable time.
Jonathan Z.
when I want to getup early , I try to sleep early and then set an alarm , so in early morning I can getup every time I want , but sometimes , it's a little bit hard to getup for me :/
Patric Z.
I believe that you need a gentle, increasing alarm and when you do hear it and turn it off it’s time. Get up and don’t delay the inevitable. The longer you leave getting up the harder it is and the more confused your body. Wake up is wake up not snooze.
Orestes Y.
Set 2 alarms one as a warning to get up and a second to admit you need to get up now.
Initially I would use multiple alarms so that I would get annoyed with the 'nagging' and would get up. Once I was used to the time, I only needed 2 alarms and would find it much easier.
I find having the alarm as a song I can't help but sing along to also helps- when the alarm stops, I'm still singing along to, even if it's just in my head.
Louis T.
Since the time change, I haven’t! But usually…it’s the time that I spend doing what I enjoy most. I exercise, meditate and write or read. The earlier I get up,, the more time there is to play before work. An alarm with music helps too!
Carl Cia Q.
I set a couple of alarms back to back so I can't snooze them. Having all my things ready for whatever I'm going to do that day helps because all I have to do is get changed and go!
L Nton P.
Go to bed early, set alarm for an hour early on Saturday, with my coffee machine ready for me in the morning. Make sure to remove that alarm tomorrow, set my usual alarm, still go to bed early, and get up at the new hour.
Nicolas S.
I don’t know if I have a good answer for this. I just do. I’m an early riser but I’m not a morning person still. It took some conditioning. Try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than normal. I’ve done that. Now I’m up before the alarm goes off. I’m not charming or social but I’m up. I hope that helps.
Marie A.
Start small. Go to bed a little early each night and get a bit earlier each day. Try not to lay in. Get up and do some small task like drinking water right away when you get up
Donald O.
Go to bed early, put your alarm clock across the room so you have to walk to it, and have the first thing in your morning routine be something you look forward to. That’s the only thing that’s worked for me.
Mah Y.
I set multiple alarms and give myself ample time to sleep without over sleeping. Putting my alarm far away enough I have to get out of bed to turn it off.
Andrea Y.
Hi there
All you need to go is stop going on your phone at night and go to sleep about 30 minutes earlier and when you wake up go the the gym!
Flo xoxo
Maja F.
I am more of an early bird so I like to wake up/ get up when there is a day light. That is why I leave window shutters up. It's more hard for me to get up in the winter time when a sunrise is much later, but there I try to go to bed earlier so that I can feel rested in early mornings.
Aymeric Y.
I had to use a variety of strategies together to consistently get up early, eventually. I think the most important one is not giving up. It doesn’t work all days and maybe not even half the days, but it’s important to try again the next day. Trying again after failing has to be an even bigger accomplishment than finally cementing the habit. I use one of those lamp alarm clocks that slowly turn on the lamp 30 minutes before the pleasant bird-chirping alarm goes off. Now, I wake up gently to the light before the alarm, so it’s easy to get out of bed. I also tell myself the night before, right before falling asleep, what time I’m intending to get out of bed the next day and what I’ll do with the extra time I’ll get. Cutting down on the junk food and increasing exercise makes it easier to wake up as well. Someone helped me realize how important it was by making the comparison with alcohol and hangovers. Without a good diet and exercise regimen, it’s like having food hangovers every day and that makes it difficult to wake up. My morning routine and knowing why I want to get out of bed every day helps as well. It makes me realize how valuable getting out of bed 30 minutes earlier is.
Ruben P.
My daughter has to be up early for school (at 5:30am) so I have her come wake me up around 6am so we can start our day together.
Clementina N.
I guess I’m a morning person, because I never really have trouble waking up early. When I don’t sleep enough (which is often), I sometimes have to drag myself out of bed, but waking up early typically doesn’t give me much trouble. It’s easier to get myself up when I’ve slept well.
Elya I.
Go to bed earlier, have something to look forward to in the morning. Maybe a goal to work towards. I have a 30 day yoga challenge in the morning that has caused me to wake up earlier.
Jeppe W.
I can get up early by remembering that I can have a warm beverage and breakfast. I can light candles and create an alter with warm wonderful smells and sounds and sights to ease me into the day. The phone can be far away and I can get up right after I record my temperature. I can say to myself – you can do this. This will make your whole day better.
Helene G.
I just start at when I normally wake up (no matter how late that is), and begin slowly scaling it so my alarm wakes me up earlier, whether it's a minute a day or 5 minutes a week.
Shawn N.
I go to bed in time, take care that I sleep my 8 hours and I have a specific goal that I want to work on in those extra hours when noone disturbs me. Other than that right after waking up I brush my teeth and drink a liter of water. I noticed if I don't drink water soon after waking up, sometimes I just fall back asleep.
Kirk O.
I wake up naturally not by alarm. Its a habit I grow long time ago, that my body is responding well to date. I try to sleep early as well but I believe I am an early person since I cant remember staying in bed late my life so far
Eleanor F.
I can't really. It is still a trial and error process. But my alarm rings at the same time for more than 2 months. At least I keep that constant.
Elaine Z.
I just get up and move as much as possible. I try to not think about my bed but once I eat breakfast, I don't want to get back in anyway. Make yourself think that.
Albrecht S.
I use my alarm clock on my phone. If I have plans for the day it is easier to get up. Also I have more energy after sport exercises.
Tracey E.
Commit to yourself and those you live to becoming the best version of yourself every single day and act on all of the areas to be addressed and wake up.
Claudete B.
Whatever time you wake up start setting your alarm for 1 min earlier each day until you hit your goal time. It's slow , but you will get there. If 1 min is too slow try 5 min increments. 😊
Homero C.
It’s simple. Go to bed early. If you set your alarm for the time you wish to get up and go to bed at a decent time so you get the amount of sleep that your body needs, waking up will be a lot easier. Drink some water or even hop out of bed so you don’t fall back asleep and set extra alarms just in case.
Katerina R.
When I drink so much water before I go to bed that when I wake up in the morning I can’t just roll over and go back to sleep again
Jonathan E.
First of all go to bed early enough. Secondly have stuff planned for the morning that's pleasant enough to get out of bed for. And basically that's it.
Carter X.
The question is how do you make yourself get up when you KNOW you have to be up. Whether it’s an early day at your job, your children or pets need fed, or the house is on fire – put that same sense of urgency in your mind every morning. You get up because you have to. There is no alternative, no “10 more minutes”. There’s a day out there waiting for you to be part of it.
Hella C.
Going to bed a lot earlier helps a great deal. It involves scheduling tasks during the day and letting go of having a long list. Having a clear plan of what you’re doing in the morning provides motivation to get out of bed when it’s time to start the day. Hope that helps 🙂
L On P.
Lots of alarms is what gets me up. That and knowing I have to leave for work by 7:00am.

Weekends are harder but I tend to wake up by 8 or 9 with no alarm but I set one for 7:00 sometimes.

I’m also motivated by the idea that I can get more done if I get up earlier.

Teresa S.
I think it’s important to ask yourself WHY you’d like to wake up early, and to tweak it so that it is something close to your own values (“I want to wake up early more often so that I can do this for my wellbeing”). Then, it is also important to reassess your “why” over time — is it still a strong enough reason to do it? Our priorities change over time, and it makes sense that our reasons for change should also shift over time. I hope this helped!!
Armand Y.
Make sure you have a compelling reason to do so. From there, get clothes laid out the night before, an alarm set and then when it goes off in the morning all of the potentially derailing decisions have already been made. Just count backwards from 5 and pursue your goal!
Oliver B.
Getting out of bed is the goal! I put my alarm far away from me so I have to get up and turn it off. The hardest part is resisting the urge to get back in bed and scroll on my phone. That's where the routines help; grabbing my water bottle, start making breakfast, working out, etc.
Sara Z.
I am a working women and a teacher. It made me a habit to wake up early because household works and to get ready myself and my kids.
Samir O.
I personally use multiple alarms. Having fabulous give you tasks you have to do also helps. I arranged it so that I take my vitamins and one of my medications when I wake up. I know I'll feel amazing if I wake up and take them with my morning water.
Cassandra U.
Hi, Irealized very recently that the first thing I was thinking about when I woke up was the things I dreaded and how hard it would be to face them. I have started to amend that first thought with thinking about things I enjoy in my day or in my recent experiences. It motivates me to do something happy or light with the first part of my day and that helps me fully wake up. Normally becoming fully awake is the hardest part for me. Even sitting in bed with a fresh cup of coffee helps me gradually bring me out of sleepiness and start to focus on why I’d like to be awake for the day. Hope it helps!

Esmeraldo P.
That is pretty hard for me. I have noticed, that my circadian rhythm adjust itself to the sun, so when the sun rises early, it easier for me to get up early, I just leave my courtines a little open.
Erik X.
Try to get as much sleep as you can, 7-9h is great. If you dont have that kind of possibility then find motivation to wake up. For exmpl if i wake up right now, i will be able to do this and that and so on.