I feel like doing 8 minutes of low intensity sport in the morning is not really going to get me into shape. However, of I would do more, I would have to get up even earlier… what do I do against this feeling of “this doesn’t get me anywhere”?

Akash W.
8 minutes of low intensity sport is fine when starting out. Take your time to make the 8 minutes enjoyable. It takes time to make habit. Slowly but definitely you will wake up early and increase the intensity. You might not get in shape with this but it will improve your abilities a lot and you will start feeling better than before. Try to add simpler excersizes in the evening or afternoon. Ofcourse you will feel like no progress or it is not working but remember 1^365 = 1 and 1.01^365 = 37.783. So keep at it and you will succeed surely. Good things require patience and perseverance.
It took me 5 years to running continuously for 20 minutes. But I feel proud of myself and the urge to increase the time and intensity has only increased. I am starting to lose some inches at all body parts. So I guess I am on a path of all rounded success
Kim J.
Sweetie anything is better than Nothing you have to not let the Devil words have more POWER than the MOST HIGH you have to take steps to take care of your Health Small steps shows determination that will show your Body you care and you will start to show it you care!