How do you motivate yourself to exercise if you‘ve noticed that your exercise progress hits a plateau?

Kreshnike W.
Just get up and do it !! Don’t think about it – as much as you think you will go to the thinking about how do I need to get up -or how can I do it! So just DON’T THINK ABOUT IT!
From J.
I have a slow metaBolism which means i have worked out for 4 months with no change at all! Lucky you!😲😲😲
Just keep going or think of me
If i would hv noticed changes i would have never stopped
But having slow metabolism doesnt help😒😒
Marion B.
listen to your body. if you're not feeling a jog, then choose something else! it doesn't have to be the same thing every day. change up your scenery, the music you listen to, etc., while you're exercising. That, and realize how much better you feel when you exercise. when you exercise, your brain releases more serotonin and dopamine, you end up sleeping better, you stay healthier, it wakes you up, and is great for relieving intense emotions. overall, if you just force yourself to DO IT, you'll feel so much better. don't push yourself too hard, though. it's okay to rest:)
Lena Q.
First of all, I really like to exercise, especcialy in the mornings. But I think that my biggest motivation is that I really like my body and I want it to stay that way, so I am doing exercise. And now I already have been exercising about two months;) and by doing that I have finally got my split and feeling really good about myself and my body. By the way, I am really sorry if there are some grammar mistakes, I am not very good at english.
Frederik F.
Following a guide or video helps me as it's structured and timed. Also setting a specific time in the morning to do it works as its consistent.
I can very easily come out of my routine if things get it in the way so using an app to hold me accountable and remind me really helps!