I am really good at talking myself out of exercising. I will tell myself that I can work out later/tomorrow/another day, or that I am too tired, or that I don’t have time, or any other of a myriad of excuses. Does anyone else have that problem? How do you get past it and make yourself exercise?

Melissa J.
Trust me procrastination sucks! It helps just to completely let go and relax before you exercise. Set alarms and reminders, put up sticky notes if it helps.
Alfred Y.
Well i think the most important thing is to start really small. I started skipping rope from 1 minute daily than week by week slowly adding more time. Now i jump 20 minutes daily. If you are starting, you don't aim at results. Your first most important objective is building a habit of doing exercise/s that you like. Now i just feel grumpy if I ever skip skipping. Just remember building a healthy habit is not race is a marathon. So do small consecutive steps, and I guarantee you will benefit.
Emma B.
Honestly? Just force your thoughts and body to do it. Don’t think twice about it either, cause then you won’t do it. Because then your mind, makes excuses of not to do them because you’re too lazy, AKA, “too tired” you can do it, keep going ♡︎
Jimmy O.
Always remember that we will only live once and you don’t know when your life will end maybe it’s tomorrow so if you don’t get to exercise today and right now how will you make the new version of you to become so.
Good luck
Gauthier O.
I have this problem. If certain things feel too hard on a certain day I'll count different things as exercise. ie if following a full body workout feels impossible I like to do dance HIIT workouts because they're really fun for me but still a lot of work. If that amount of work feels impossible I'll at least go outside on a walk. I'm still not great at exercising every day but I feel up to exercising at least once a week using these variations.
Irmgard M.
Wait till I feel motivated. Otherwise I do not enjoy it. I try to encourage everyone around me to exercise, because it's easier to tell than to do. Then, sometimes, I use them as motivation. I am longing for a friend, or a partner that makes me want to give my 110% in everything. Until then, I do just enough to keep me in shape.
L N.
I experience this a lot of times, especially when working out in the morning. What helped for me was wearing my workout clothes to sleep, so when I wake up I’m ready to go.
Marilyn U.
I commit to just one minute early in the morning. If I wait until the end of the day, I'm definitely going to be too tired. And when I work out in the morning, it makes my whole day actually feel better. I really enjoy that. So in the morning I commit to working out for just one minute. I can do one minute no matter how unmotivated I feel, haha. And one minute usually reveals that I can go longer. One minute turns into five, turns into ten, etc. You can do one minute!
Albane Y.
I have thet problem too but i take myself together and do what i have to do when i can.
Don't tell yourself thet you'll do it later do it now!
Frida F.
Grace F.
Plan three workout routines. One is for lazy days, one is for neutral days and the other is for challenging days. Follow your exercises for each day.
Airon Q.
Maybe get a friend to do it with you? And pick an activity that’s fun. Don’t worry about the actual exercise first. Just move and groove. You can do it buddy!
Darryl O.
I keep things small so that I am more likely to stick to them. I’ll start with a few push ups or some light stretching and build up from there.
Eliza N.
I struggle with the exact same problem. I find it helps when i think about how if I talk myself out of today, the cycle will continue. When you are exercising, celebrate and acknowledge the good feelings throughout and afterwards. Remember that for the next time and think of what you felt for motivation to exercise. Hope this is somewhat helpful 🙂
Awrad W.
I started exercising as simply as i can until i make it a habit and i feel like something missing when I didn’t do it but there is some days you might be so tired so don’t be hard on yourself and give yourself a break from time to time
Josefine F.
I know it sounds hard, but what happens with me, is I just do it. It sounds like it wouldn’t work, but believe me: I am the worlds biggest procrastinator. Instead of telling yourself, oh let me just finish this video, or chapter, or whatever, just turn off your phone and get up.
Holly N.
Yes, sometimes I have that problem. You’re not alone. An important thing is to think about how good you feel every time you do exercise. That will motivate you. As for the “I don’t have time excuse,” you can always find just a couple of minutes to stretch, do a plank, or a couple of jumping jacks. Every little bit counts. If you think you’re too tired, you can always just take a walk, or some other less straining exercise like that. Whatever it is, you can get through it.

“Today or never, that’s my motto.” – Mary Poppins, Marry Poppins Returns

Arianna G.
First of all let me assure you that you are not alone. Even though I’ve been exercising for a long long time there are days which sometimes extend to weeks where I struggle to find the motivation to work out.

The way that works best for me is to not allow myself to drag it out. If I decide to exercise at 6 then I am changed at 545, turning everything off by 555 and out the door by 6. Letting yourself drag 5 mins will eventually lead to 30 and then it becomes “I can do this tomorrow”. Instead, tell yourself that “I’m just going to change”, “I’m just going to turn on the workout video”, “I’ll just do it for 5 mins” and you’ll be surprised how easy it becomes for you.

Courtenay G.
Yes, I also have the same problem. I try to let myself know that when I don't exercise I am doing more harm to myself than good. Especially when I have had unhealthy food and I will regret it in the end. Also I try to retrain myself to think I have time to watch TV and many other things but never time to exercise. Basically it's really because I don't want to not because I'm too tired. Baby steps is key, even if you just do jumping jacks and stretches for 10 minutes. Start putting aside a little time (10 min) each day to move your body, then you will start being more motivated to incorporate it into your daily routine. 🙂
Lucy U.
Sometimes I talk myself out if it too. But I feel better doing something little to make sure I do it. Maybe try walk in your house or dancing.