Do you eat before or after exercising?

Nora F.
I now eat after exercise – that way the body uses any excess fat for fuel, rather than whatever you have just eaten.
I tend to have a cup of tea/coffee to give me an energy boost – exercise – and then eat something healthy directly afterwards. You need to make sure you eat within 30 minutes of finishing your exercise to give the body the fuel it needs to repair and strengthen.
Frances S.
Currently I eat before working out but I'm only working out for 10 minutes. I am thinking that once I increase my workout length I might have to eat afterwards. If I'm not feeling hungry I'll wait until after working out to eat breakfast.
Nicklas C.
I have breakfast after exercise. The only thing I have before is my morning glass of water and maybe a spoon of peanut butter if I feel hungry.
Anna P.
It dependes. On week days i would workout after lunch “after waiting an hour” and on weekends i would workout before having breakfast sometimes i’ll have a snack like a banana just to give me energy then i would have breakfast after 👍🏼
Aminadabe F.
I usually eat afterwards so i don't end up feeling sock during the exercise. It is usually recommend during yoga to eat afterwards as well
H Lo Se Z.
I eat after exercising! If I eat before it can make my stomach hurt or cramp! It can also give me heartburn or indigestion and no one wants to deal with that! After exercising it always makes me want to eat healthy which I use to choose healthier options!
Troy G.
I like to eat after exercise. I use the time exercising to often warm my breakfast up. Then when I am done I am ready to eat. I eat so my post workout burns longer
Florence E.
I eat before exercise. If I don't do this then I'm at risk of collapse part the way round my walk. I eat breakfast and walk immediately afterwards.
Astrid Q.
Usually after. I just do a low intensity yoga routine in the mornings, otherwise I might have a small snack between workout and breakfast.
Louise F.
Both, it depends on time of day but i tend to eat whenever. It doesn't upset my stomach if i eat too soon before exercise.

Brianna Z.
A small amount before and my real breakfast after. But what works varies from person to person and it took me a while to figure out what works for me
Bertram Z.
To be honest, I am actually so happy that you asked this question because I just dealed with this problem! I wasn’t sure either so I did some research and this is what I currently do: I will always eat a snack/small meal with a lot of carbs (fruit, bread, pasta) before my workout and then have a full meal with as much protein as I can after my workout. I found that eating before made it harder to workout as it would upset my stomach and since then, I have been doing this and it’s been great! No upset stomach! The protein after a workout is great as it’s really the ideal time to have protein to maximize muscle development, right after your workout! I hope I could help! 😁
Laurindo S.
Before using that Fabulous app I never ate before exercising (nor did I exercice in the morning anyways). Now I do both: I eat (a fabulous) breakfast before exercising in the morning! 😉
R Pio P.
It depends on what exercise I’m doing and also how big the meal is. I prefer to do yoga on an empty stomach in the mornings, but if I’m doing cardio or strength training I like to have at least a nutritious snack 30 min before I work out. If it’s a bigger meal I like to wait at least an hour before I do any moderate to intense exercise.
Beatrice T.
Depending on what type of workout you do, there is no real benefit either way unless you're doing long-duration exercise. In that case, studies have shown that eating before is more beneficial. This article has a lot of great information:
Charlene B.
I usually have my meal some time after I excercise. It depends on the timing of the day, but I try to get the exercising done first.
Billy F.
Generally after. I find with my schedule that morning first thing is the only time that really works well for any aerobic exercise. And if you’re say running you can’t do it immediately after eating.
Tilde Y.
My routine is: wake up, pour some water, start the kettle, take my vitamins and chug the water, make breakfast and pack my lunch, make the coffee, and sit down and eat and drink. Then, I go on a walk with my dog, which is followed by exercise of some sort.
Filiz R.
It dipense on how I feel. If I feel hungry or weak, I'll eat a little bit before the workout like some fruit. And I always eat something after, something with protein and some carbs and healthy fats.
Lyna Y.
I eat before exercising becauase I don't feel that pain in the stomach that makes me want to eat, and furthermore I feel more energetic after breakfast to do my exercise.
Dana U.
In the morning I eat after exercising, since it's a really short workout. I fill up my coffee maker and start it. While it's running, I do 2 or 3 excercises (like push-ups and crunches or jumping jacks) and when I'm finished my coffee is ready. I drink it along my overnight oats (oats, milk, frozen fruit all together the night before). And I put some nuts in the overnight oats in the morning.
Priscilla E.
I eat prior and after exercise. I eat a protien packed meal about an hour and a half before, and then I'll eat something light like a yogurt or a handful of mixed nuts 30-40 minutes after workout. Make sure to drink at least 2 glasses of water within the first 4 hours prior to workout and a cup of milk or real fruit juice as well. Lots of liquids make life more fluid and easier to go with the flow lol
Michael C.
Well, I think this is very personal, for it depends on how you feel when exercising. In my case, I always have breakfast before doing my morning exercises. I usually have a light but energetic breakfast, which helps me feel energised without the feeling of fullnes you may get after eating (which I get even if I don't eat much, for that reason I try to keep it light not to make an obstacle to my exercise). However, I always have dinner after my afternoon exercises, avoiding the feeling of fullness and making a kind of reward of it, after completing my goals. That way it feels amazing eating something "you earned as a reward for doing your goals" and it feels quite satisfactory.
Luca P.
Usually before. As much as I don't feel like exercising on a cold morning, I know I will feel sluggish and won't want to exercise after breakfast
Liva F.
If I’m working out in the morning then I like to have a small snack before like a granola bar. Nothing too heavy, otherwise it’ll make me feel sick while working out or tempt to go skip all together.
Nils N.
I eat after. I find that when I eat before I fell nauseous during the workout which stops me enjoying it and if I’m trying to form a positive habit it’s made easier if I enjoy what I’m doing. I’m more inclined to give up if I’m not enjoying myself.
Lina Z.
Most always after, I think the workouts tend to go better in a fasted state. That’s not always how everyone feels though.
Edgar U.
If I exercise first thing in the morning I exercise before I eat breakfast. If I don’t exercise until later then I always eat first then exercise after an hour.
Mathias Z.
For me it depends on what kind of exercises I will be doing. For the most part, I usually eat before and after because I have a high metabolism.
Heinz Werner U.
I eat after exercising as it makes me feel ill to exercise on a full stomach and I won’t generally be hungry before a Workout