How long have you been excercising? Do you see any changes?

Emilie P.
Just a week. I broke my leg 6 weeks ago and have been using this piece of my routine to get stretched before I get out of bed. The routine in general has me more focused throughout the day and starting with even mild exercising has helped me thinking about it and doing those stretches throughout the day.
Anton P.
I have been excercising for a couple weeks now. I have a chronic illness so I couldnt work out or anything like that for years. I starterd reaally slowly, but I do notice changes. Things are getting a little easier. I can only do low Intensity work outs, so I use my home trainer bike a lot. And do some work outs to strengthen my muscles. Slowly feeliñg a little better with each movement.
Andy U.
Depends on what you count as exercising. I hike twice a week, been doing that for 15 years. I am stronger now, can go longer. I do yoga twice a week, for about 2 years. I couldn't do a regular plank, now I can. I do weights twice a week for 20 minutes but I need to increase the weight. I do abs every day for 5 minutes, it helps my back especially.
Diana U.
I’ve been exercising for about a couple of weeks. I just do a 5 minute yoga routine after I wake up, and try to take 1-2 walks a day around my neighborhood. I’ve noticed a lot more mental clarity when I exercise throughout the day ☺️🌸
Susanna E.
Exercise has been important to me for most of my adult life, however I often have forgone it for long periods of time. I’ve been using this app since the first of August and it’s helping me keep exercise as a priority.
Victoria B.
I’ve been exercising on and off for twenty years. When I’m in a serious weightlifting cycle, I see tremendous progress and feel much stronger and more energized.

Be patient. Start with small steps towards a larger goal. Fitness should be part of a lifestyle not just an activity driving towards a singular goal. With most new routines, you’ll see small progress over the course of weeks, with larger milestones taking 2 – 3 months to hit.

Fadime G.
I’ve been exercising for 4 months in the evening. Yesterday I started exercising in the mornings and it is great! I feeling more confident and energized for the day.
Bernard U.
I just started maybe 10 days ago's kinda better now to start something new and excited about to get away from laziness ..changes ,I would only like to tell it's kinda movitating…hopefully will see the desired changes soon
Celina Z.
Before I started using Fabulous I've been exercising on and off usually for about few months and then I quit for various reasons, but when I was exercising I usually saw the changes in a week already. Important is though, that only exercise isn't enough – it's always 80% your diet and only 20% exercise. Right now with fabulous I'm only exercising for three days in a row. Right now I've returned to yoga because of my back problems. And three days is too little to see any changes. But I'm hopefull it'll make a change 🙂
Alberte C.
About a month now. I just started with walking and one pushup. I'm not going for a marathon or buff. Just to live a little longer and better so ihave more time in my life with my family. That makes it easier to go on myself. I try not to bet myself up but just make small, good-feeling gains
Eva I.
I’ve been exercising for a few years, but haven’t made it a priority since my boss quit 7 months ago and I’ve had to run our entire department while they look for a replacement. For about a month now, I’ve gotten up earlier to get in a yoga routine every morning, and take a walk every afternoon. It’s a far cry from the gym workouts I’m used to, but it will do for now. Since I’ve gotten back into it, I sleep better and handle stressful situations with more patience and grace.
Cory U.
I think i’ve been exercising always, one way or another…
But, regarding your question, every time I follow a routine seriously, I can see changes. More important yet, I FEEL CHANGES!
Anyway, forget about how long will it take to look this way or another, to learn this stuff or another, to achieve this goal or another!
Just take the daily task and do it, without question it. Do it! Like Shia Labeouf said (jajahhs)
If you do it this way, you will feel good everyday for winning that day “battle”. AND YOU, eventually, WILL WIN THE WAR!
Promess. ✌🏻
Julie A.
I exercise for some years now with periods of up and down but definitely i see the changes – more muscular vody, less body fat and better concentration and attitude.
Andreo F.
I've only been at it for a week this time. But I've had a regular routine for years before and it makes the most difference in my energy for the day. In a short time I can get a whole day's energy.
Juliane F.
I’ve been using the app called Seven since the beginning of May 2019. They’re only 7 minute exercises to do everyday. I have noticed a significant improvement. I’m more toned, have more muscle mass, and I feel stronger and more confident. I have less pains than I did before I started the app. I highly recommend it.
Florence F.
I have been trying to do a little bit of yoga in the morning for about two weeks. I dont always do it every morning. I mostly started because of back pain that I was having so I haven't noticed weight loss changes but I have noticed my pain lessening.
R Mi Q.
I’ve been exercising regularly for two years now! And I see many changes. First the physical changes: my muscles are much stronger and more prominent and I definitely have more endurance now . But the most noticeable change is how much it changed my perspective, mindset and motivations. Exercising really helped me develop a healthier positive mindset and helped me become more consistent and obviously gave me better mental endurance! Keep going, wih time you’ll notice your changes too!
Grace S.
I’ve been exercising off and on for many years— well over 15. I used to be 220 pounds. But I lost 100+ pounds and stayed at that weight for many years. After having my son, I was hovering in the 180 mark. I’m now back into the 160s and my goal is to get I to the 140s. Numbers aren’t everything though, and i do love the way a good workout makes me FEEL!!
Noah E.
I’ve been exercising for exactly seven days today. Full body work outs 3 times and flexibility workouts on my rest days. I’m already seeing a slight improvement in my stamina and a bigger and more noticeable improvement in my flexibility. My posture has improved somewhat as well.
Marleen F.
i have been doing yoga instead of exercising. i do yoga in the morning and relaxation yoga for night. it makes my body feel light and refreshing when i wake up. i feel less groggy and more peaceful and calm when i do it with meditation. it’s worth a try!
Frederick U.
well, i normally dance for seven hours a week, so i have an active lifestyle, but these mornings i’ve been biking and i guess i can say my legs are looking nicer and my thighs are not that jiggly anymore. i also go to summer camp where you have to hike up a hill to get to you bunk, lol. so my legs are in nice shape🤣
Randall U.
I’ve been trying to do a 10 minute workout every morning and evening for the past couple months. I do not notice any changes in my appearance, probably because change happens over time, so I don’t really notice it (I hope that makes sense) I didnt weigh or measure myself beforehand, which makes it harder for myself to see any results, which can get discouraging sometimes. But I do recognize that my body has gotten stronger, and it is way easier for me to finish my workout than when I started. Just a reminder that exercising shouldn’t be to lose weight, it’s to keep your body healthy and strong. Remember your perfect just the way you are 🙂
Brayden Z.
I’ve been exercising in the morning for 20-30 minutes a day for about a year. I have definitely seen some changes! Of course consult with your doctor before you choose a workout regimen. High impact is going to burn the most, but yoga or pilates is a great way to get back into exercise. Choose what is best for your wellness and your body.
Same O.
I haven’t been working out lately but now that I will be going to btt, I will start. I also want to look into swimming during the day.
S L Ne T.
Approximately ten minutes per day, dancing to upbeat and fun music in my bedroom. I definitely already feel changes in my energy levels, and in the joy I feel in the morning.
Esmeraldo Q.
I run for 20 mins and do yoga for 10 mins alternating every day–also be kind to yourself! I think the outcomes are more energy and self control and discipline.
Margot N.
I’ve been exercising since I was quite young, not sure at what age, but regardless I’ve been exercising. I began with swimming when I was younger when I joined a swimming club with one of my friends. Although I had a friend and my mom to support me, I just never got along with swimming, I despised it. I faked being sick all the time so I could avoid it, however what I didn’t realize until now was how it improved my physical health, as swimming is a very good exercise for the whole body and my cardiovascular fitness. I was to young to understand that, and why my mom pushed me so hard to continue. Moving forward I stopped swimming as a sport and looked elsewhere to satisfy my needs. In school I was naturally talented at football and I was a pretty good runner myself. I was always the fastest and I’m some cases the fastest in the year group, which did give me clout and feel good about myself. What I didn’t realize is that this improved my mental health and confidence. I was also very blessed to have an amazing brother which we would do everything together, he also did swimming and….. disliked as well, similarly he was also good at football and running, so we were very alike and looked for twins, when we were younger. We also started to play football in lots of clubs however never made it into the first although we were quite good, so we continued football but also looked elsewhere. At last we stumbled upon sport/exercise which my mom was ambitiously searching for. We arrived at Dubai marina mall to a small section in the mall, the area was along the lines of happy center or something, but that area was the beginning of something grand and new. And that very thing was… hiphop. Enzo and I didn’t to along with it or how our mom portrayed it to be, she made it seem very weird, we even disliked the name hip hop as it sounded very stupid to us. Enzo’s i were refusing to enter until my mom said a line that changed my life;”you’ll never know until you try it.” At least after a Long argument My furious brother and I tried it out, and what do u know, we loved it, we were ambitious and hungry for more. From there we prefers the name breakdancing and continued to do it weekly as it was so fun, new and cool I guess. Breakdancing indirectly improved our core and abs as well as our upper body strength, as they are key features in performing. And I had someone to exercise with someone I love. Our instructor was also a great guy going by the name CL – Christopher Laurence. He was like an uncle to us. After sessions after session we developed our bodies quite a bit as we had good abs and triceps, which make us popular in school for having a six pack thus building my confidence. Then I moved schools to wis from regent and I made my most memorable friends there in my first few days. Then after some time we were best friends. They weren’t football players themselves but joined us in breakdancing and they loved it. This was amazing as we continued to exercise but now with my best friends as well. From there a plethora of great opportunities and memories were born. Later on I joined a football club by the name Barcelona and in my first month made it to the top team. I met another amazing man by the name of coach ehab. He absolutely loved me and they I played football. Shortly I was invited to go to Spain to compete and formed a new relationship with my teamates. It was a blast and something I’ll never forget.
Dina E.
I have been exercising for over 15 years daily, between active sports and play, to stretching the body at night. It’s been a value I hold close to my heart to stay in track of my goals and try to be healthy. That hasn’t always been the case though. I used to smoke quite often and it damaged my lung capacity through oxygen deprivation. I used the “Quit Smoking” app. Now I feel healthy and happy ☀️
Kristen N.
Since high school. Mostly running on the track but 20 years later I've also included long walks, weight training and plenty of swimming during the summer. Can't imagine myself growing up without that
Tony Z.
I have about 5 weeks of day by day exercise.
I was a no-runner. I started small. In the beginning I just walked. After that I started to jog. 2 weeks ago I started to run, guided by a coach. but today was my first time to run non-stop 30 minutes. So, I see a slow but steady progress.
Ernest U.
Yes when I exercise I feel much better in my mind I feel relaxed and can accomplish more things also my self confidence rise up
Jeppe W.
I’ve been working out on and off my whole life but with no consistency. I’m currently in a very out of shape condition, and today if my first day back getting fit again! So no, not yet, but I have high hopes
Klara W.
I have been exercising for a week now and although I have not seen any changes on my body, I feel better mentally , more energetic and confident
Jamila C.
I do about 3 walks a day, 10-15 mins in the mornings and evenings on the way to and back from work. And a 15 – 25 min walk midday right after lunch. All 3 walks are brisk and get my heart rate going. I noticed that when I do these walks I don’t get a dip in my energy levels after lunch. That’s the main difference that I can directly attribute to the walks, especially the midday one.
Morris J.
For a while. I dont always log it but i have been consistent for at least 9 months Yes I see a difference and I feel different. My clothes fit different. I feel divalicious lol again
Mae E.
I have been exercising for a couple of weeks consistently. I have lost three pounds and my energy level is way up. I used to exercise on a regular basis but stopped for about a year. I should not have stopped. I feel way better exercising.
Angela S.
Maybe 3 months? And yes! First of all, I’m a lot more fit, I can get up and move swiftly and my stomach is getting flatter and I feel my body is more toned, I also noticed it improved my endurance and it’s just a great energy booster to start your day!