What makes exercise fun for you?

Evangelia F.
Firmness. I love when I feel my body is well supported from the shoes to training belts and having a consistent plan. I hate when I am pumped to workout only for the trainer to randomly choose whatever workouts instead of having a consistent plan
M Rcia F.
Honestly, excersizing has always been therapeutic for me since not a lot of things have been going "smoothly" for me throughout my life and as much as I may make myself seem confident to others, I am actually extremely insecure about myself which pushes me to excersizing even more. Excersizing has been and always will be my escape from reality as well as my way of facing my insecurities.
P.S. Writing this out makes me realize how both driving factors are kind of contradictory lol.
Sahara A.
Sometimes I get demotivated due to my adhd and anxiety. But some how fresh air and excercise seems to make me more calm and feel more accomplished. Excercise releases serotonin which also is a scientific reason that makes me happy. Showering, excersing, and eating healthy makes me feel my best. It’s hard to keep a schedule alongside my busy dance schedule but it’s important to be healthy and happy!
Becky O.
You can dance to your favorite songs, or listen to something that motivates or makes you feel good when exercising. You can also think of your goals, and how that workout is going to take you there.
Ari F.
In the morning I try just to stretch as exercise. It's not exactly the funniest thing but it does feel good to shake away the night's stiffness.

When I exercise later in the day I can't say there's something specific that make it fun, I just naturally like to workout. I think the most important thing here is to find some kind of exercise that you naturally enjoy doing, try different ones to find what works best for you.

Palak O.
I like the challenge and to push myself. I like the feeling after a workout when you have so much endorphins gushing through your systems. It feels good knowing that you’re taking care of yourself.