What should I do if one day I wake up feeling like going for more than the regular 7 minutes during my morning exercise?

Priya F.
It means your soul is commanding you to do the right thing and you already take few steps towards your goal. Just think what will you gain or lose if you do whatever you want. It is easy to say, difficult to do so just think you did the easy task and now it is the turn of difficult task.
Bernward Q.
Then I would say, go do what your body tells you. But listen to your body and go at your pace. Starting out is hard enough. Go easy.
Josefin A.
Yeah, fried food is not good for you. It might cause several health issues and might cause you to gain too much weight. Try to instead opt for a sandwich, oatmeal or yoghurt with müsli and try to add some kind of fruit!
This will result in you feeling more full and satisfied until lunch, it’s better for you (much better!) and you get nutrition from more of the food groups (carbohydrates, fats, protein and vitamins)
Nuts/seeds are great too, but not too much
Kenzo O.
I feel happy for you enthusiasm! If you feel excited to work out more, just do it and be happy! If you feel constant the need to do more than 7 minutes, you can program yourself to do more everyday.
Josefin A.
Well that’s just great! Do it and be happy! But don’t expect every day to be such a one. Just do what you can each day, and try to at least manage your wonderful 7 minutes