Do you substitute any exercises in the routines for exercises that are more suited for you? If so what are some of your substitutions?

Mitali C.
Yes sometimes I do. Like the inchworm . It may be quite beneficial but I feel uneasy and so I rather prefer doing downward dog.
Lupicino Q.
While I'm doing my pick up in the morning before work I dance around the house. I over exaggerated my movements like let's say pick up some dirty socks on the floor. I bend over pick up them but I touch the floor put my hands flat on the floor to the count of 5 and so on
Emily N.
Substitute is the wrong word. I simply modifiy so of the excersises for easier or harder ones. I usually add twist and jumps to squats, take the jump or push up away from burpees, and add something different every time to my plank holds. I hope this helps you! 🥰 ~Emily
Domitille N.
I follow the classes from alomoves and do every morning stretches for back, neck and or shoulders + yoga for splits (another app) and evening I do pilates from alomoves + stretching for neck and back + splits with sleek ballet.
Then I sometimes go to the gym during the weekend when I have time.
When I have no time: I go for a walk and do 15-20 minutes of stretching morning and or evening.
Kira T.
I teach kung fu and I use this time as a reminder to practice what I teach. Every morning I have been running through our basic warmup stretches. Martial arts are a great way to establish routines that really on muscle memory. It can work you physically and mentally.
Lily G.
Well, I don't really substitute for lower ones, rather a lil higher ones if the workout is a bit easy. If I find myself getting tired or unable to complete it, I take breaks or switch to the low intensity versions of the same until my stamina improves.
Hannah Q.
Personally I work on exercising areas that need improving e.g. exercises that activate the core. Generally it is suggested thats you spend a few days a week doing exercises for different areas of the body (do what ever is right for your body). If in doubt about what workout exercise to do, then just go for a run, cycle or a walk ( because cardio exercise is so important).
Fanny P.
I prefer to do yoga and indoor cycling which i already had some practice and feels more easy to do instead of doing something I am not comfortable with. If I feel like doing nothing, than I just walk.
Tobias Z.
definitely I do that replacement sometimes. When I feel tired and don't wanna give up totally so I replace some easier movements by the hard one to me. for instance I change Push ups to Knee push ups, burpees to walk downs and like so…
Janet T.
I usually substitute running for a bike ride. I prefer to ride my bike around my neighborhood because I don’t enjoy running all that much. If you find an exercise that fits your routine/personality better, and it still be if it’s your body, then go for it! Working out should be full of things that you enjoy doing.
Mehraj Q.
Over the years I have substituted gym and other fitness excercise regimes with Sun Salutations poses of Yoga. It better than most other regimes. I can execute it at my convenience at home on a mat.
Walking or mild running or jogging is also a very good substitute to almost everything.