Do you keep your routines the same on the weekends or days off? Sometimes I find it hard to get up early after a long week.

Silje W.
Weekend routine is different as it seems to be more time in the morning /afternoon to take things with ease. Go out for breakfast take a walk etc
Lana N.
I personally have been going to bed before midnight (get into bed about 11.30-45 so I'm sound asleep by the time it is midnight) every working day of the week as it is the best time for a good rest and getting up at 8 in the morning without snoozing. And naturally I will be waking up at 8 even on the weekends. I do sleep in a little longer on Sundays though to treat myself 🙂 As long as you go to sleep at the same time and get up at the same time, it comes naturally to get up early even if you don't need to as long as you give yourself 7-8 hours of regular good sleep. Another Brill advice I found and follow – before bed: watching TV or playing/chatting/surfing on your phone (their light disturbs sleep production in the brain) exercise (gentle stretching an hour before bed is still OK) 3.maximise darkness (make sure you close the curtains and switch off any annoying little lights from any electrical devices) 4.if you wake up at night, DO NOT turn on the light, go by touch in the dark otherwise you'll wake up and won't get to sleep properly again if at all. Hope it helps and have a lovely sleep tonight! 😀
Pearl A.
No I have a different routine for the weekends. More relaxed – obviously & different exercise. Mountain Biking is my THiNG … so that takes up a fair chunk & relaxing more etc.
Eul Gio O.
No, I change them up on the weekends. Life isn’t cookie cutter – and this app is just a guide to help establish the parameters of how we want to live 🙂
Cleci Z.
Following the routine daily is a challenge for me I am not able to do anything consistently. Even if I try to repeat it again on the next it’s impossible to consistent on time.
It’s really sad that I am not being able to make it.
Johanne X.
I try to do that, but sometimes I find it to difficult. On those days I still do all my taks only on a different time. For me that’s the most important thing and I feel proud if I manage to do everything.
Jane E.
Normally I do keep it the same, but on the times I need to take it easy I skip it or I don’t spend as much time on it. I check with myself with whether I am just being lazy or it’s something more. It’s ok to be lazy once in awhile too. Maybe you need a mental break.
Ryan E.
You have to be close to your week day routine because if you over sleep by just an hour you will get a headache and dehydrated
Rigo E.
Depends sometimes I change up times on weekends but don’t give up even if you wanna sleep in make sure to get it done even if the time is slightly off. Doing it at some point during the day is better than not doing it at all.
Jeanne S.
No, they are not the same. I may sleep longer, however, I will do some of the morning habits at the weekend, probably in a slower way.
Jesus C.
I also find it really hard to stick to my routines on my days off. My cat wakes me up for food at a certain time so that helps me keep from sleeping in. Once I am up the alarms on my phone remind me to do stuff and sometimes it helps stick to a good routine. My favorite thing that helps me stick to my routine is making a work out appointment earlier in the day because that forces me to get up, eat a healthyish breakfast, and work out – or lose $15 !
Storm P.
Yes, the same every day. Even when I'm on holiday. It becomes a way of life. If something unexpected happens and I can't keep routine that day I allow myself to be excused and roll with life.
Darren U.
Yes I wake up early every morning I run on Tuesday Thursday Saturdays and Sundays the other three days I do push-ups sit-ups and squats
Louison F.
On weekends, I sleep in an extra hour. However, I still work-out and maintain my routine for the most part. Meditation keeps me balanced, so it is necessary every day.
Heather S.
On the weekends I do only morning routine because I have an alarm for morning routine, but some habits from afternoon and evening routine I do but I don’t check it because I mainly focus on relaxing and meditations.
Asta W.
I changed my exercise today to a brisk walk with my pup!!! I am able to get in exercise without waking up the whole house…..or being interrupted 😊!!!!!
Amber C.
I start my day the same on the weekend as on week days. I find if I start too much later, I won’t do it. I’m better with a schedule.
Bertram C.
The time of my routine may change on off-days or weekends but I still try to complete a majority of my routines every day.
Eleanor E.
My routines tend to fall apart on the weekends. I look forward to my time off but when I get to that time I tend to be tired and can’t get myself going so I end up wasting it.
Beth P.
If I have a day off, it is a proper day off – if I feel like keeping the routine going, I will, but if not, it's ok because it is a day off, after all.
Ma Line Z.
I'm better at my routine on the weekend since my week is unpredictable. I can miss 1 routine but it can't be consecutive
Dustin P.
No, my routine varies on the weekend and on my off days. This is good for me allowing my mind and body to relax and regroup. Also, this helps me to take a break and enjoy my progress as well and not take myself so seriously preventing burnout.
Alex X.
I book in to the gym on my days, to get me up, but sometimes I go back to sleep afterwards. I find it difficult to get in to any sort of routine, when I’m at home. This is on my days off and when I have work
Kent S.
I try to be consistent as much as possible. I do not stress about moving routines around. I feel good just by accomplishing them the same day.
Coline C.
I keep the habits going on the weekends as well because for me that's the hardest days to do so and that makes them stick faster if you do them. Only difference on my morning routine is that I turn the alarm off and begin the routine as soon as I wake up.
Paige P.
My routines definitely change on the weekends. I'll normally wake up around the same time, but I won't get up and start my day as quickly. I also tend to eat out a lot more on weekends instead of making food, which is a habit I definitely need to change.
Francis C.
I find it more difficult to stay on task during the weekends. I always find a way to justify to myself that I deserve time with no responsibility. However when I do this, I find it’s even more difficult to get back on track when the week begins.
Alma E.
I totally understand. On the days I want to sleep in, I sleep in, but start my routine the same way when I wake up. That way I keep the routine but am able to sleep in.
Lisa T.
I vary my daily routines depending on how I feel but aim to consistent routines across a week. For example, my weekly target may be to run on 3 days but I will vary the days when I do my run and do other exercises on the other days.
Maurice F.
I try my best to wake up and go to sleep around the same time even on weekends. If I do stay up late I avoid sleeping in too long, or I may have trouble sleeping later that night.
Alberte P.
I have struggled with weekends. I am working on a modified weekend habit that gives me more flexibility to sleep in or do other activities while still meeting my goals. It is a work in progress.
Clara E.
No. I keep the routines for working days, but a lot of routines are strong and I’ll do them anyway, even on weekends or days off.
Lino E.
Not exactly the same I get up an hour later on Saturday’s and start my routine from there and on Sunday’s I may start as late as two hours and stretch my routine for hours as I enjoy it.
Mason Q.
I try to keep my routines up during the weekend, like the morning routines, but I find the afternoon routines more difficult.
Mathys Y.
I try to keep my routines the same on weekends, but it is a lot harder because my wife and son are not occupied and thus provide much more distraction … If I could wake up earlier more consistently and be more efficient with my time when I wake up, I could be much more consistent, but still working on it. My goal is to follow my routines even on weekends but it's going to take some work to get there. So I have to let go a little sometimes for practicality's sake.
Tyler R.
I find it very hard to do that too sometimes. Especially on dog days. I know for my recovery i need to do more but it isn’t always easy. I suppose we can only try and not give up. Just because we missed out on our goal yesterday don’t mean we have to do the same today.
Brian N.
No I don’t. I’m the same – I find it hard to get up early on the weekend. I’ve been trying to do my routing just a couple of hours later though. Hopefully I can more consistent with that!
Silje B.
Self awareness and self love is the answer.
It's alright to feel this.
What you have do is decide the day prior whether you need a rest or whether you've to build for yourself.
Hilda J.
I have a long commute to work so it is difficult to keep it the same on the weekends. I usually try to stay in bed extra time I don’t need to use driving in the morning