How do you make time to exercise in the morning with a busy school schedule?

Rebecca Z.
I get up earlier to get it in. If I don't have time to do a full drawn out workout in one go, I will spit it up into smaller time frames(20 minutes morning and evening, for example) that work into my schedule. It's not easy… if it was, everyone would do it. But ones it becomes habit it won't be as hard. I hope that helps! It is what works for me but can be treated to anyone's specifications. Ase!
Wesley G.
I consider walking around the house and to the bus stop excercise. When I get to school I tend to walk even more. Stretching when I get outta bed is good to!
Victoria Z.
I’m on holidays right now so I have a lot of time. I’m still wondering how I will take the the time to exercise in the morning when I will go back to school but I think I will exercise just for few minutes and wake up earlier
Kelly Z.
Sometimes I get up early and go on a short walk, or do a short workout. Usually I just walk to school, as in addition to getting me exercise it saves energy and helps the environment. On days I'm absolutely too busy for any of that, I will skip my morning exercise, but make sure to get a good workout in at night.
Hannah J.
Start by setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier. Start small, with just stretching for a few minutes, then the next week make it 7 minutes. Build a habit that you rely on, and then you can make it a priority in your morning. (This is easier if you start going to bed in increasingly earlier increments as well)