What’s your favourite core exercise?

Sophia J.
My favorite core exercise is probably any variation of jack knife – they just burn so much but feel so rewarding once you've done them!
Gustav W.
Sorry, as I am still a 11 year old girl, I do not know the meaning of Core… So, I will answer this question- My favourite exercise is the Jumping Jacks!
Josefa N.
Chloe Ting’s abs in two weeks video. It’s the one she’s wearing a purple color in. I did that for a summer and started seeing some really nice results starting in only…well…two weeks! But if we’re talking specific moves, my favorites would have to be Russian twists and planks.
Carl W.
Definitely plank. It does not take a lot of time but it is really effective. You do use your whole body which also is nice, but mainly the core. It is also something that you can do quick when you are having a quick break from work or studying