Is it necessary to sign up for a goal (e.g. a 5k run) to keep your exercise on track?

Ana O.
Keeping to an exercise scheduled really helps once you start feeling the differences don't ever stop. No matter what. It's to hard to get back to it. It's easyer to keep going.

Austin O.
I don’t think so. I have so many goals to achieve, but none of them is to run over 5k. What I really wanted to say is, don’t go big. Take short steps and have faith in you, give more attention to your inner world and beliefs. Patience it’s the key to obtain everything you have ever wanted, be honest to you! Good luck, fabulous!

Elba W.
Of course not, signing up a goal like this going to make it hard, you'll stick to it maybe for 3-4 days after that everything will fall apart, start small!