Where do you run into trouble when trying to keep an excercise habit up? How do you get through it?

Mister Z.
When I wake up late especially on weekends, my motivation levels are at zero, I feel like there's no time to do anything and I end up doing nothing. One way to get through it is to convince myself to do a 15 min yoga session then think what to do after that.
Caitlin J.
I have problems with my OCD – I have to do many things before, and there is a night, I didn't nothing what I want to do that way and I have a mental breakdown. 😀
I have to wake up earlier and go to a therapist to help me with my OCD.
Jar U.
When I injure myself or when I find that it's taking up so much time that it's impacting my other more important responsibilities like college or the people I care about. I should still do a little exercise at those moments, like walking or a quick workout just because it genuinely does lift my mood.
Oliver A.
Not knowing what to do is a major mindblock. I've got a pilates app that decides my workout of the day for me. So literally all I've gotta do is get up, put on the clothes I've laid out the night before and press play.
Sally Y.
The motivation to get up and workout is a struggle. I tell myself if I workout I will feel better in the end and no pain no gain. Actively put ting out workout gear to stay motivated has helped.
Hildegard Q.
I like the idea of exercising but I push it off during the day because then I'll have to shower right after and get ready. I take a long time showering and getting ready. That means that exercising is not a 15 minute commitment but a 2 hours one. That feels like I'm losing my morning when I can get other stuff done.