How do you start working on the one big thing without being distracted by other’s requests?

Alma F.
I make a decision to prioritize this one big thing. I devote my entire attention to it! If someone is speaking to me, I write down what they want me to do, then I return back to what I made my priority. If it's a chore, I'll turn off my TV 📺, and pray to focus, or I'll play some music! I'll try to hurry up and do it. I might time myself to see how long it takes to do that one big thing, so if I have to do it again, I'll try and beat that time! If I want to do it well, I'll time ⏲️ each step, and make a note of how long each step takes. I'm competitive, so speed and detail to task drive me! What drives you? If you're not competitive, give yourself a reward that doesn't involve food, like buying pillow spray, or room spray, or a candle and using it to give you a special scent in your room! I try to reward myself with my nightly grooming routine, which includes flossing, by spraying my bed with pillow spray, or linen spray, so when I finish flossing, brushing my teeth, washing,and moisturizing my face, I get into the bed, and smell eucalyptus Spearmint. It's a soothing, lovely effect! I spray it on my pillowcase, so that when Iay my face down, I can breathe in the soothing and relaxing aroma! It makes me feel special and blessed! So, to get the big thing over with, reward yourself in some way, whether it's with scents, or reading, or cuddling up with the softest blanket you own and watching your favorite streaming episode, or listening to nature sounds, or classical music, let one, or more of your senses take you away from it all! It probably won't hurt to meditate either. If you reward yourself in some way, it won't be so much of a chore! Oh, and if this big thing takes more than one day, we'll then, plan each reward for that day! You'll not only feel so accomplished when it's over, but you'll also feel pampered and well taken care of; which will help you want to have more "One big thing" days! You can also share that one big thing with a close friend, or help that friend with her one big thing!!
Apolline Q.
Hydration wasn’t really a hurdle for me, to be honest. Water and fruit juice were already all I drank before trying Fabulous, and I usually had a bottle beside me everywhere I went. The reminder to drink a glass first thing in the morning has been helpful though.