If you already work out regularly, do you add another small session or do you consider your main workout as part of the fabulous routine?

Ricky F.
I think if you already regularly workout, then it is already part of your fabulous routine. I don’t include things into my Fabulous routine that I already have established, as my understanding is it’s for things you *want* to become a regular part of your routine. If you prefer to keep it, I would just check it off as you do your regular exercise session.
Salvador Z.
Most of my exercise is walking – usually four or more miles a day. I also usually do a couple of trips to the gym and a yoga class each week. I like doing some gentle stretching and balance work early in the morning to get my body moving, but I wasn’t consistent about it. I made that my exercise goal for Fabulous.
Harold C.
Id consider you already doing that routine. Perhaps add a small stretching or foam roller routine at another time during the day.
Olivia Z.
Main workout as part of fabulous routine. I’m trying to build into this programme gradually in order to build effective habits.
Halina O.
I figure the point is that you work out in a way that makes sense, not necessarily just doing more for the sake of more. instead of doing more gym time or something I’d look for ways of adding activity to my daily routine (like avoiding elevators or maybe taking 5-10 min walking breaks at work.)
Maridelza F.
Just the main workout in the afternoon. I lift weights in the gym then do some cardio afterwards. Although sometimes I do cardio later in the night at home.
Ava Z.
I didn't really work out regularly before Fabulous. If I already did work out, I would have created my routine around the workout. That way you already have an established part of your routine!
Kaylee Q.
I do yoga for 10 min each morning. This warms me up and gives me energy for the rea of the day. Also, I do exercise in the evening, but I do not consider it part of fabolous routine.
Abigail Y.
I do work our daily but I use Fabulous to help push me to tweak my routine. I’m trying to incorporate 2-3 strength sessions each week and the app is helping me reach that.
Ov Dio P.
I have never had a solid work out routine except for in my Jow-Gar kungfu class. That was a solid hour of workout and training. Now that I am setting habits, I want to work in some of my training into a morning workout!
Harold Z.
I do not work out regularly, but it has been my goal for quite a while to get into the habit. I have always wanted to improve my health and figure, so I have made this one of my top priorities. Fabulous is a great app that has reminded me of what I wish to accomplish, and coaches me to start off with baby steps. This method sets you up for success.
I try my hardest to go for walks everyday to complete the “workout” habit, but that is usually when I don’t have time to go to the gym and do cardio. On the days where I don’t accomplish my daily goals, I feel disappointed in myself, but that again just motivates me even more for the next day.
Shane Y.
I would add a small workout for a certain area you want to improve, such as toned arms or flexibility, or do a couple of squats. Another thing could be a facebuilding – exercises for face to avoid wrinkles
Andrea O.
I consider my main workout part of it, but either try to improve it a little bit or add some smaller movement through the day when I can.
Cody U.
Right now I am only doing the fabulous 7 minute workout only. If I was doing it, I will consider fabulous workout as part of main workout.
Amanda O.
I usually workout every day! Even if my goal is just 3 times that week, so I add another small sessions, and also extra sets. That’s it
Beverly P.
I consider my main workout part of the Fabulous workout. On days I rest from the gym my “workout” consist of a small walk and some light stretching.
Lucy F.
I do! I’m a dancer and I needed accountability to practice my routine for 10 minutes a day, so I replaced my morning routine “workout” with that. it’s still moving my body so it counts. my husband goes skateboarding or does a mini workout at the park. another thing you could do is take a short walk outside or dance around to your favorite song. either will elevate your mood anyway so it’s a win win!
Lorena N.
It depends on on the day. I try to do a short yoga/stretch session first thing. If I miss it, but workout later in the day, I count my later workout.
Edward A.
I was working out 1 to 2 times per week before Fabulous. Now I workout 5-6 times per week. On the added days, I use the workouts on the Fab app. I’m amazed at how much more energy I have now!
Muharrem O.
I go to the gym three times a week, but I decided to do a little stretching session for the faboulous morning routine. By doing so, it feels like I'm sticking better to the plan.
Elizabeth Z.
The main workout would be fine to consider you're routine, unless you want to just go for a good walk or something. Exercise and fitness is great but I'd be careful about over doing it by working out multiple times in a day. If you want to add another thing, go for a light jog or walk in the morning or whenever you want to include it because it gets you moving without exerting too much energy you will need for a more intensive workout later on. Or use it as a way to cool down from said workout without just plopping down and stopping completely. But if you're body is used to handling a lot, you can try to add more, just be careful and know your limits.
Zack J.
If the respective workout is on my planned routine, I count it as is and consider as fabulous routine. The purpose of fabulous is to help you make yourself better by doing better. It's not forcing you to do what they say to you. So if you're currently working out regularly, congrats and keep on! What I do here is though count fabulous' recommendation as not workout, but yoga. So even though I'm working out regularly in the evening, I'm doing yoga and count it as another workout as per app's recommendation.
Lia T.
Main workout is most often a part of routine. It is still something I struggle with and not going consistently, but I am trying to go on a regular basis again while eating healthier.
Henning U.
Yes , I do add the one minute get moving exercise, simply Cuz it gives me pride! Small yet very rewarding! That's kind of how I celebrate
Heather F.
I consider my usual workout as part of the fabulous routine. As the goal of the fabulous routine is to create healthy habits in you, if for some reason you already have one of those habits then you’re ahead in the journey 🙂 So, yes, I consider my usual workout as part of my fabulous routine.