I find it hard to keep up the motivation to work out everyday. How do you make yourself want to push harder?

Courtnee N.
It depends what your goal for working out is. If you’re just trying to move your body… there’s no need to push harder. A walk around the block is enough to feel accomplished! But if your goal is weight loss or athletic fitness, experiment with what times work best? I’ve found getting it out of the way first thing in the morning – while answering emails and listening to music is really enjoyable. So much better than when I tried to do it in the late afternoons. There was also an extra boost when I read
Leroy Z.
I think about my goal in the end, and how it’ll better myself and put my mind in the right mindset instead of a negative mindset
Len Cia N.
My friend has been keeping me accountable in the morning.
It is still hard for me to get up early and do the workout but I do see the difference when I do wake up early and have an hour or so to myself before getting to work. So I am hoping this feeling will help me keep on the track.
Alisa O.
Some days I don't and that's okay. I try to be kind to myself and acknowledge that I may stumble on this journey. They key for me is knowing my motivation and setting realistic goals. For example, I know that if I don't workout in the morning I probably won't workout at all for the day. Also, on work days I can dedicate maybe 10-20 minutes but on days off I can go all out for 50-70 minutes. Some days it's just a stretching routine and other days it's 3 miles and weights. The important thing is to listen to my body. Finally, something that helped change my outlook is the idea that I don't have to workout, I get to workout. To be able to set that time aside to focus on myself is really important and empowering. It's a luxury that not very person has so I try to really be aware and appreciate that.
Kylie N.
Motivation will never get you there as it comes and goes. Just take action. Mood follows action as Rich Roll says. Set an alarm, put your shoes beside the bed or sleep in your running gear. Once you’ve started and seen some rewards, you don’t need motivation, you have actual proof to keep on with your fitness habit.
Limara O.
I don't find it easy,sometimes I miss a day or two. To motivate myself I just tell myself that I'm gonna enjoy it and feel better for so might as well
Mars F.
I have found, in my experience, two “hacks” to help with finding—and sustaining motivation.
1. Create manageable goals. I think too often we create plans that require so much more than what we’re actually capable of managing at our current level. For example, want to have a daily workout regime? Don’t start with the 30 min program —do 10 min of something uncomplicated. If you can manage to do that for a month, then move towards your bigger goal—habits take a while to form!
2. Reward yourself! Make a plan—if you can stick to the plan for 2 weeks, what sort of treat will be waiting for you? Binge watch a series? Starbucks?

Don’t be afraid to start small, and don’t forget to celebrate even the smallest of achievements!

Alan Y.
I need to find something I enjoy and makes me feel good, but I want to see progress. If I can stretch a little further or lift a few more times or it’s a little easier helps me feel motivated. But I also need it to be easy to start. Working out in a gym is easy because you just go for an amount of time and do the thing. I like to stretch without a video and listen to my own content, but if I don’t know what to do then I struggle
Anna V.
I'm not.
I pushed myself hard for too many years and it turned into a heavy depression.
So now I'm looking for joy and interest in things.
Be careful
Meg F.
Always have a good playlist with whatever workout to do. Working out should be fun plus it doesn’t always have to be something intense such as weight training and cardio all the time.
Brandon O.
Make a goal of working out a little (~1min or so) every day. If you feel like doing more, then it's always extra and you won't feel forced to work out. That in turn could make those extra excersices easier to start and follow through, enabling you to try to push harder.
Erika F.
I do not push harder. I listen to my body more than ANYTHING. LOTS of rest/good quality sleep is SO important. I focus on that first, among other things, and then moderately exercise. Also, I wouldn’t workout, EVERY day. Your body needs a break and time to recover. More is not always better when it comes to exercise😊
Anne F.
I take classes, so all I have to do is show up and rely on the instructor to motivate. Even. 10 minute abs class is more challenging than anything I’d do myself
Sarah B.
Just remember you don't have to do a massive workout e eryday. If you're feeling low them 5 minutes of stretches can do as much as an half hour workout so give yourself a break and take the pressure off a little bit
Kyle E.
It’s easy, just do not think about it, start to do it. Just say today I will do only 2 minutes or 5 minutes only.

Once you start, your body will take control and will not stop until it completes.

Marius Z.
try small, you don’t have to do 30 min workouts maybe try dancing to your fav songs or walk around a comforting aria. you can do this i believe in u also pls make sure to not overwork yourself
Keisha J.
For me, exercising relieves stress. I’ve been a consistent gym goer for almost 5 years. I’m very passionate about health and fitness. You have to find ways you love to exercise even if it’s just a jog in the neighborhood or park. Slow progress is still progress 💕
Michelle N.
Don’t be too hard on yourself. Start small. On days that you are not feeling it, opt for some light stretching instead of a full body workout. As long as you persist in the habit of making time for this activity, for yourself, everyday, soon a day will come where you do want to work a sweat. Good luck!
Ellen O.
I have a zoom yoga session with my daughter every morning. We hold each other accountable to show up. It works very well! Both of us on our own were not very consistent but now it really has become part of my morning routine. My 3 year old grandson has also started joining us.
Constanze U.
Baby steps… for me the worst part is to wake up even earlier then usual to do whatever I should do… so, instead of starting with the 7min exercise plan try, on the first week, take a walk outside. You’ll see, that, in the 2nd 3rd week it is going to be easier to do the exercises.
Honey Z.
Love the process of working out and it should at the end make you feel good. It works better in long term, compared to the sparks of motivation that comes up at times.
Patrick Z.
Don't push harder push longer. If you're struggling to workout everyday, lower the intensity of the workout 10%. Reward yourself after working out. If you feel like you're hitting it hard Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but struggling for the rest of the week – do something lighter like yoga or bicycling or skateboarding. Anything that's fun and light to fill out the rest. Once consistency is no longer an issue, you can move to increasing intensity.