How does one find a good start when you’ve considered all approaches?

Tamara F.
I tell myself I can do something fun like play a video game or whatever it is I want to do but I have to do two things first. Just two. It could be wash the dishes and drink a glass of water. Or shower and tell myself I'm beautiful. Then I get to do the thing.

R Mulo Q.
By wanting to look to it’s achievements when you start somewhere little by little you see the changes it might not take a day or week but starting somewhere will take you far

Clifton U.
Don’t think of it as the start of something enormous. Try not to think too much at all. Just do that first step: drink water. Ignore everything else and see what happens.

Heidelore O.
I’m not entirely sure what the question is, but I’ll try.. So, one of the things that helps me to follow my morning ritual is to make my tasks enjoyable. I’m more inclined to wake up early if I’m looking forward to waking up. If there’s a task I don’t want to do, I either sandwich it in between two enjoyable tasks or I skip it.

L Rke C.
Consider this…all you have is right now. Yesterday's gone. Tomorrow never comes. Be present and do what's right in front of you. Or it gets pushed to yesterdays regret. Show tomorrow how it's done by doing it today. Then do it again tomorrow and every day thereafter. Live today.

Rica S.
This I struggle with greatly. I get a lot of anxiety just beginning tasks, especially if I’ve put them off for a time. Once I can begin and get over that hurdle, the rest usually flows for me. When I have my down times and am struggling with lots of things I need/want to do and feel blocked, I like to imagine myself doing the task and mentally visual myself moving through the task, in a lot of detail. I find visualising it helps me begin the mental process of breaking down the barriers and it is less scary to do than just beginning. It gives me a chance to flesh out any unknowns or difficult/unpleasant things I need to do, and makes them less of a hurdle. I keep doing this until I am ready to start. It might take minutes, it might take weeks. But I don’t give up. Eventually I get there. Once you have done something once, it’s a lot easier the next time you go to do it, just to start. Because you remember how good it felt to get it out of the way, and you know what to expect. It doesn’t always work, but it does eventually get there.

Jamie O.
I find that everything I need, answers or otherwise, is always right in front of me.

I think it’s great to consider all approaches, but at least TRY one of them. Like give it your all. Then you know for certain if it didn’t work, it wasn’t for you. You don’t know until you try.

No Lie E.
I had the Fabulous app for some time (perhaps a year) before I got into it so persistence is key! Also, go very small first and ensure you do that/those thing(s) regularly and well and then work up gradually over weeks. Start with something you feel is relatively easily achievable for you – for example, perhaps making the bed, a morning mantra "have a great day", drinking a glass or 2 of water and having a good/healthy breakfast – get that or similar going every/most days for a few weeks at least and then add 1 or 2 things and so on – don't worry if you miss a few things or a day or two – it happens, but once in the habit it tends to stick!

Oliver C.
I find that trying to wipe the slate and create an entirely new schedule and following helps with developing a good start, and following through to create new habits.

Nelson O.
First of all… good start to what? Exercising? Eating healthier? Getting better sleep? I think a lot of folks make their goals way too broad to be tangible, and so they end up getting lost when it comes to starting. A goal should be specific – for example “eating healthier” is far too broad. HOW will you eat healthier? A better way to achieve a goal of eating healthy would be “eat at least one serving of fruit or vegetables at every meal.” See the difference?

And as far as having “considered all approaches” – I’m sorry, but that is impossible. No human has exhausted every single possibility when it comes to starting a healthy lifestyle. My advice would be to do two things:
(1) be patient and keep trying until you find something you can live with and enjoy… and
(2) start small, and gradually add more challenge. Too much too fast will be overwhelming.

This is where your resolve needs to be iron-clad. You may feel like you’re starting and failing, starting and failing, but you’re not – every step you take towards figuring out your personal recipe for succeeding means you’re already on the road. Keep going!

Stephen J.
A good start is that one, which requires minimal effort to begin. It may be eased by preparing everything in advance, e.g. putting running shoes close to the bed

Maeve C.
Sometimes you need to start and make a lot of mistakes. Mistakes are scary but if you never start you never get anywhere. Sooner or later one of those starts are going to lead you onto the right path.

Bella Q.
Being easy on yourself and acknowledging that a lifetime without order will take some time to fix. I have forgotten or neglected my new habits many times. But I have also found my productivity has improved immensely, even when I have only partially executed my plan.

Clara F.
If you have considered all approaches then look for the one approach that you think suits you best, start small, make it as small so you know you will do it. So if a half hour fitness is something you know you find difficult to persue than make it smaller, maybe 15 minutes is no problem or even smaller, just the commitment that you just start exercising everyday, even if it's just 2 minutes. When you are used to this step, then go for the next challenge you know you can do. Built from here.
And if you have different choices to choose from, choose the one you enjoy the most, so you have fun while doing it instead of feeling it as a burden