Is it really better to exercise in the morning?

Sydney X.
Yes, I have more energy after I exercise, and I feel better about myself because I’ve accomplished something good for my health first thing. Also, I’m less likely to exercise in the evening because something always comes up or I’m tired/don’t have the energy.
Bonif Cio A.
I don't know if it is better to exercise in the morning. However, if it's not possible to do in the morning, don't beat yourself up over it. As long as you exercise every day, you're good.
Liva C.
Yes it is and it gives the body time an waken feeling and, also it is best to do it before bed just some stretches nothing hard. This helps to make the blood flow well and loosen up your body for a better sleep.
Alo S Q.
I’d say it’s not a necessity to do it in the morning. If your schedule doesn’t work like that, then make time for it elsewhere in your day. But I find it helpful to knock it out early when I have the most energy. Plus it really wakes me up and helps get me excited about the day. Remember, you don’t have to give a ton of time to it. The 7-minute and 10-minute workouts are both great options for you.
Maria N.
i think it is better to exercise in the morning because it makes me more awake and makes me feel better about myself and just puts me in a good mindset and helps me have a productive day.
M Rcia S.
If you get up in the morning. I've done my rotine in the late afternoon and once in the eveing. What time you do it is not super important, only that you did it.