Do you ever feel ridiculous exercising in your living room?

Aisha N.
Hello! I actually exercise in my bedroom, and although sometimes I do feel ridiculous either because I can’t get the repetitions correctly or have done something entirely embarrassing – like half-dying on the floor or an unsolicitedly farting ; I actually enjoy it because it’s when I get to be absolutely me unafraid or pressured into appearing a certain way in a gym for a example or finishing at a certain time. When I work out at home, I always give myself the space to repeat exercises that I can’t seem to get right, give myself a pep talk or comfortably sit down until I have the energy to continue, amongst other things I wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable doing at a gym. But then again, that’s just me 😊
Paul Z.
Nope. I enjoy exercising in my living room. I save time on travel, and I have a great backyard. The downside is I'm less motivated. Perhaps shorter and more intense workouts work better at home.
Jessie Z.
No because my parent understand that I am doing it for my wellbeing. Just tell your parents that you are doing it for your well-being. They will understand
Steph F.
Short answer, yes. Long answer, while I might feel ridiculous, I’m certain that everyone who observes me has either forgotten all about what I’m doing within 30 seconds or is starting to question what their excuse to not exercise is given I’m rocking it in my living room.
Giuliana F.
Sometimes. It feels a bit awkward when people are watching. More often than not my living room feels too cramped to properly exercise.
Maria Z.
Nope. But I think it depends on what you do. All the mornings, I do a 5-10 min exercise which is stretching and then a warm up / work out.
I have a park just in front of my house, but I think I would feel more ridiculous to go down there for 5 min, than to exercise in my room.
Anyway no, I don't think I would feel ridiculous: it's exercise, it makes you feel nice and alive 🙂
I might consider going to the park once a week, maybe (once the covid-lockdown is over)