What do you do to avoid getting bored with your exercise routine?

Curtis Q.
I try to change my exercises daily as I have some goals to achieve for my body . Music is also a great option to avoid boredom. You can also try to challenge yourself in various ways within exercise. And there you go !! Nothing is wrong or right when it comes to your happiness

Tommy P.
I change my exercise routine on a daily basis. For example, one day I’d focus on core exercises. And on another day I’d focus on cardio exercise mixed with weights. The same routine would generally be quite boring and less motivating. From my own research studies show that the “same exercises repetitiously increases your changes of giving up”. Therefore, to help keep yourself on track, it’s a good idea to change something about your exercise routine every four to six weeks to avoid boredom. You can make exercising fun, by incorporating various exercise such as dance or Zumba. Maybe Pilates or cycling. Personally myself I love doing Youtube workouts. Try to have fun and remember to workout for yourself. Your body is your temple. Not for pleasing others👈🏼

Phyllis J.
i try not to have a routine. bc i heard that along with u getting bored ur body gets used to the movements and then it isn’t as effective. i follow people on youtube. who have like a schedule for u. i really like chloe ting and alexis ren.

Ankita A.
I listen to music while doing it. I mix things up. It's not always just upper body. It's legs one day, upper body the next, stretching the day after, cardio the next and repeat.