What type of exercise works for you in the morning?

Emily P.
I like to start with a simple yoga routine as my baseline, and add higher-intensity exercise later in the day if I'm up for it. I mainly do flexibility poses like the warrior and happy baby, but my favorite to start with is child's pose because it's a very relaxing and gentle way to wake up.
Andreas W.
I have begun using the WiiFit to do Yoga for ten to fifteen minutes most mornings. Basic poses begin with a “warrior” “half moon” and “sun salutation”. I am adding in some light aerobic exercises from the game, including Step. Alternatively to yoga, I do some cleaning around the house. Pushing the little vacuum around in particular.
Phil X.
Short intensive exercises work best for me. Afterwards I feel really awake and it just takes me 5-10 minutes, less than snoozing 😄
Mischa I.
Stretching, light cardio (burpee style jumps), and passive strength (hanging from pull-up bar), all before breakfast, work to vitalize my buddy for the day ahead.
Adrienn Bernadett O.
I like stretching in the morning or light bodyweight workouts but if you want you could do some workouts with weights or cardio or whatever works for you. :3😊
Heinz Q.
For me, walking is the best exercise for early morning. Everything is quieter, little to no one on the streets. Just you, the birds, the cold breeze of the early morning… No music, just the sound of your steps and breathing. Is a great way to start the day without stress.
Alex F.
Just some light stretching! I have back pains so it's really a good thing to do in the morning to get ready for the day!
Arzu E.
I normally exercise yoga and stretches as I've just woke up and at night I do abs/legs exercises as I'm more awake and energetic. Hopefully this helps and you'll make new changes! 🙂
Tatiana V.
Short walk with dog in the forest. I feel happiness from flowers, trees, birds, grass, stream, leafs, my collie, sun, rain… It's better for me like any great exercise.
Marta C.
I'm just starting to exercise. So I just do a quick 5-10 minute warm up to get ready for the day. I have an app that helps me