What should you do on a day when you don’t have the energy or motivation to exercise?

Gaia N.
I don’t exercise, I take the day for what I love. Swimming in the lake and walking in the mountain is not simply “exercising”
Joseph Z.
Think about the reason why you are exercising. You need to look to that reason and allow it to push you to getting to the gym or going on that job.
Zeleida S.
I find something to eat, then I realize that the food won't go anywhere unless I exercise. Then I try to at least walk around for as long as I can to burn these excess calories.
Harriet E.
Scan your body and ask yourself why do you feel that way. Have you been going hard the past few days and your body is now screaming for rest. If yes, allow yourself the permission to relax and take a break and recharge.
If the answer is no, then what stops you from wanting to get out of bed? After you have scanned and access, remind yourself of why you started exercising in the first place. Why is it important to you, what will you benefit from being successful at it? Then load up the result of your exercise for the day. Visualize that you have completed your exercise for the day. Imagine how good you feel after you have done your routine. Listen to what the voices are say to you and how you are celebrating yourself for a job well done. See yourself sweaty and feeling stronger and more accomplished. And at the very moment of your success, rise up and start your exercise.
Jenna J.
Just get up, get dressed and start. Whether that means driving to the gym or lacing up your showed and stepping outside. Tell yourself you have 5 minutes and then you can quit. Often by the time you get going you find that you have the motivation to keep going. And if you don't? That's OK too! It just means you need a little break.
Gail U.
Start small, stretch. Them do 1 min of walking in place. See how you feel and maybe, just maybe, your body will say LETS DO THIS!!
Leslie F.
I would do something short and simple to do, just to keep the habit going. Like the 1 minute workout, or a walk around the block, or 1 just dance song that I like.
Michelle P.
Do it anyways. Perhaps just do some light stretching or shorten the length of the workout. Perhaps dance for 5 mins and see if you still feel less motivated or if the rush of endorphins has kicked it. As Nike says Just Do It
Sara U.
Try and motivate yourself with reminder of a goal you have.. If that doesn't work; don't worry, it's ok.. You don't really have to exercise every single day, your body needs a break too, time to recover..
Perry U.
It is ok to take your time and understand that you have a full day to get started. E.g. on Sunday I really did not want to get out of bed on time. Usually, I would stay in bed all day. However, I decided to do my morning routine at noon. 1. Drink water 2. Make bed 3. Get dressed etc… i felt better and guess what, I had from 1pm to 10pm to do what i needed to do.

Start small and it will build up 🙂

Alexandria Z.
First, remember my future self. Will I be proud, happy, feel healthy, calm if I exercise? The answer is yes. Now I know I have something to look forward to. Second, drink water! And start off with an easy movement to get me going, but not overwhelmed by a full out exercise session. Typically I try and do a couple rounds of Sun Salutations while I drink water to get myself moving. More often than not I’ve got slightly enough momentum building to aim for a 7 minute work out. And congratulate myself every small step of the way!
Rick T.
Exercise anyway! Do it any time of day it suits you best. Don't bear yourself up if your exercise session doesn't happen until afternoon sometime. Take it easy; don't over stress it or do a strenuous session. Take 8 or 10 minutes for a gentle walk; maybe on a treadmill if you have access to one. Then, congratulate yourself for having done it.
Matheus Z.
Simply do some movement! Cook a recipe, clean your bedroom, do a hygiene session, like shaving or skin care on yourself. There are tons of alternatives for exercising if you wanna move your body but do something productive at the same time.
Daphna Z.
I choose something small like stretching for a few minutes, or put on some fun songs and just dance a little. Even 5-10 minutes is good, just not give it up completely.
L Tus E.
It always helps me if I just put on my favorite music. Then I automatically start to dance. It doesn't hurt if you don't exercise much that day, but try something small that is super good.
Tevlin N.
Think about the steps that need to be taken do get it done. Getting dressed, getting into your car, driving there, going inside, training… it can get overwhelming. So just take the first step. Get dressed. Once this is done. Think of the next step. Just take it one step at a time. Nothing more, nothing less
Timeo Y.
There are short term solutions and long term solutions for this. The best immediate action you can take is to decide to cut down the duration or hardness by significant amount. For an example if you run 15mins in the treadmill normally, you decide to run only 7mins. The wonder of our mind is that, the moment we ease the start up barrier by easing the expectation of pain, your mind will get on track and you will complete your routine. In the long run, you can make excersise fun and eliminate causes hindering your plan. But my friend, it's easier said than done…….
Alex T.
1. You can apply the 5 Second Rule (Mel Robbins) and do the exercise straight away. After 1 minute from starting exercising, you'll find out you have the mood to do it. After you finish, you'll feel grateful for not missing the exercise.
2. Start a habit journal if Fabulous is not stimulating enough, and when you tick the boxes, you'll compare yourself from month to month, which might make you feel proud when you see how good you became.
3. I'm sure there are many things I can write here, but you need to find a primary reason for why you're doing the exercise: weight? Vitality? Tonus? Body aspect? Cause that will be the goal you're looking to achieve. The goal will motivate you.
Altino T.
Do something that doesn’t feel like your exercising. Like going for a walk, or just dancing in the living room to your favourite songs. Even just going shopping means you’ll be getting your steps up
Igne T.
I know the morning exercise is just 8-10min, so I just start to do that without any doubt, because I need that and always feel great afterwards
Talles Q.
Respect your on timing and try to find the reasons why you don't want to exercise. Then, make it easy again, whenever you can.
Ella W.
A little is better than nothing. If I am truly not feeling up to a full workout, I will take a few minutes to stretch, dance, or walk.
Gladys N.
If you don’t want to do intense workout I suggest a small 10 min yoga exercise. You’re still being active just not as much
Christina G.
Remember why you started in the first place . All you got to do is train your brain to do it even if you don’t want to. Last week negative thoughts ran though my head . It made me not want to work out but I told my mind no we are going to do this today! After the work out I felt great and all negative thought subsided ! Just keep pushing forward even when you don’t think you can .
Andrew E.
Personally I would try and do some yoga or stretching and sometimes it's just good to get out there and do the exercise as once you out in the fresh air and notice of things around you you start to feel better.
Loan Q.
Rest! Listening to your body is very important for sustained habits. Alternatively, do some light stretching or floor exercises to rest your body whilst still taking it easy.
Robin Q.
On early mornings, when I wake up and don't find the energy and motivation to exercise I put an alarm (usually around when I come back from work) to do exercise as soon as I get back to work. It gives me the day to find the energy and motivation to do it as soon as I enter my appartement.
Preparing yourself is the best way to ensure daily exercise, like preparing your fitness clothes before going to bed for the next morning, or preparing a better mindset through the day to exercise at the end of the day.
John Y.
Start with the habits you have built and are succesful with, reflect on your progress and desire to continue on this path
Mee Y.
I will let myself rest for a while, However I will surely come to my senses and find the reasons why I am doing an exercise. It's for my long term plan. I shouldn't rest.
Aliz E O.
I would put on my favourite playlist, close the curtains and dance like no one is watching. Not counting the minutes, just moving to the sound and having fun.
Matt P.
A few options: (1) push through and exercise anyway. You (and your body) will be proud that you did. (2) replace the exercise with another healthy and productive activity such as reading a book, meditating, doing something nice for someone else, journaling, etc.
Ka An Q.
Actually meditation helps me a lot . Nowadays I am preparing my dentistry exam ( I know this is not your question but studying and sports are related motivation and discipline) So when I wake up I drink water after I do meditation on meditopia app. It helps me keep motivating and energized. And please don't eat much. If eat too much your energy and self respect will reduce. I hope this answer will help you. Have a nice day
Maria C.
I think even when you don't have the energy to exercise it's important to stick to the habit and just do a little as you can and then with time the habit you have been creating will be done without you even noticing 😉
Rebecca E.
I would tell myself that I will feel better if I get up and do it. I would at least get up and start moving, maybe start small by picking up the house or just doing a small exercise, then I would gain the motivation to keep going and get a full workout in. As hard as it is to start a workout, usually once I get into it, I want to keep going. And it's never something I regret when I'm done.
Julia W.
What I've discovered is that 10 minutes of yoga stratching is better then nothing. Because it is so easy and short, I feel more motivated. It's all about experimenting what will work for you.