Any knee exercises to recommend?

Messias T.
Knees are joints, so exercises that benefit the muscles around the knee joint are better to focus on (primarily the quadriceps and hamstrings)
Megan F.
I've had a bad knee for a while and since Fabulous has helped me to exercise regularly, I've found it getting better with a combination of squats and stretches. There's a good knee stretch routine on the Android Stretching Exercises app by Leap Fitness Group
Sarah Z.
Sure! Lay down on your back and raise one straight leg while you squeeze the quad. Then, slowly lower the straight leg to the floor. Try to hold this movement for 8-10 secs. Do this every day with each leg at least 10 times.
Emma X.
i used to need physiotherapy for my knees! i was told to do squats, platform lunges, clam excercises, and side-lying leg lifts. these strengthen the muscles around your knees, therefore giving the knee more support. i was told my knees hurt because the muscles around them were fatiguing too quick, so these exercises should help your muscles get stronger and reduce knee pain/discomfort 🙂 I did 12 reps of each, 2 sets a day
Be Ta N.
I’m not sure about its effectiveness on the knee, but usually 10-20 squats do the trick for me (with my hands stretched out in front of me at shoulder level, and my back straight up).

I hope this helps. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Douglas U.
Sit on your bed or floor with your foot flexed. Tighten your quad muscles and relax. Do it 60 times on both sides. Another one is to roll up a towel and place it under your knee (Same position as before). Squish the towel with your knee 60 times for both sides. Also do exercises that focus on balance (standing on one leg on a mat) to improve the muscles around the knee.
Anastasiia F.
If there’s no injury involved, than just making circles with your knees when you are standing. Also cycling (or pretend to cycle while laying on your back).
Nancy Q.
I’m guessing this means, exercises to prevent knee injuries? For me the most helpful things have been: foam rolling glutes and legs (especially IT band), glute exercises like bridges & clamshells, and general leg strengthening (squats, hamstring curls using an exercise ball)
Mathias C.
If it's for knee stability – look up VMO activation. A really easy exercise is to stand up on a little box or step and do single leg quarter squats (top range of motion) with the other leg off the edge. It might take a little bit of ankle and hip stability to stay balanced but the movement will primarily strengthen the knee extensors. Basically just a little knee bend then back up, and don't lock the knee out at the top. If you want a sets and reps guideline, you can work up to 3x10ea side (without pain).
– Acceleration Australia coach