What are easy exercises I can do at home? I can’t even do a push-up on my knees, my arms collapse under me.

Adelheid Y.
I suggest you do small indoor walking around the house for a few minutes, or you could even do jumping jacks, slow burpees, or squats. All three would be great!
Lilla M.
It depends what you want to work out, as well as your goals and body type. I would generally recommend trying easy yoga or Pilates! It’s very relaxing and strengthening! Waking longer distances also helps a ton (but only in nature, which ofc depends whether you have any forests around you)..Anyhoo, try something that fits you as well as your schedule, and work your way up gradually. Don’t start with something crazy. Also try to work out daily for 10-15 mins. The results will show in a couple of months!
I hope you get to choose a good routine that’s right for you! Good luck!
Katrine E.
I do not know many alternatives for push-ups, but there is a way you can build up some muscle for them. Start on wall push-ups, then incline, and go lower and lower as time progresses. Eventually you’ll be on the floor, doing knee push-ups, and soon full push-ups.
Name F.
Just try more pushups, searching for easy ways is normal but not always, instead of pushing first just stay in pushup position with stretched arms every single day start day with that, and increase duration of it, then maybe do that starting with small duration while being in actual push-up position legs stretched and straight knees, aster a while you should be able to do push-up position with ease (if you can do that from start still don’t push yourself follow this), after this start trying to do one push up, do this for couple of days to weeks and the increase to two and so on, after a while you’ll be able to many push-ups easily and not only that you would acuire new habit of exercising every morning, so the you can change modify and add exercises to your routine, and would do push-ups and something else as well like crunch ups. Remember success is achieved step by step no mater how small these steps are they are progress and if you don’t stop stepping forward you will eventually succeed no mater what. Just don’t spend time in searching easy cheaty ways, instead use this time to move forward.
Liselotte S.
First you start on exercises we all hated on our p e. Classes
Like jumping jacks sit ups
Arms exercises
Its really effective
All the best