How long did it take before you or other noticed physical improvements from exercise?

Sherry L.
I guess it depends on how you define results. For me, it took 3 days to already see results in how I was feeling. I became more aware of my body, more in phase mentally and physically and also more motivated to do things. I was struggling with stress and it started helping a lot. I forced myself to not push through my workouts. Taking it slow to build an habit and making it very gradually. I also decided to build a workout that is diverse throughout the week, which helps me feel more progress with certain body aches, fitness and wellbeing.

Maria N.
Almost immediately for sleep and focus? And only a few days for weight loss. A few weeks in now there’s less change but I’m able to do more with my body without being wrecked at the end of the day

Marie Y.
It would take 1 month for me to noticed physical improvements from exercise. It is physical activities that's why it will takes time because it's a slow change.