Does it take a little while to get up in the morning and drink the water and do the exercise, like you have to make a decision to do so, or it is just automatically you do it?

Mallory T.
I'm getting better at completing all of it but I'm still struggling to get things done in the morning. I usually spend my morning checklist throughout the day because I can't get it done in the morning. I'm going to try to wake up earlier tommorow so I can get it done.
Alex P.
It feels like it is becoming more and more automatic and I just get up and do it now. Whereas a week or two ago i would lay down in bed for a bit and kinda be slumped and sometimes i would jerk off, but now it is feeling more automatic and natural. I would work out more and harder in the past but to make this into a habit and something i look forward to i have slowed down; not working out as much but doing some and trying to turn it into a habit that i enjoy. I think i would like to increase the amount of exercises that i do in the morning. It feels good to build these habits and change myself. I have noticed a loss in body fat percentage and it feels great.
Andy Z.
There is always a decision involved, but I find it’s much easier if I make the first step really easy. I leave my favourite hoodie by my bed so my decision is to put my feet on the floor and pull it on. Then the rest can follow. If it feels like a big deal, it’s easier to just stay in bed for “just 5 more minutes”
Rachel N.
It does take a little while, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. I find it easier to make these things a part of my daily routine by adding them to a normal thing I do every morning- for example I get dropped of kinda close to where I go to school and choose to walk the last 5 minutes. It’s also easier if you lay out everything you need to complete the goal the night before or have it in an easily accessible place in your line of sight. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t complete every task every day, because self care takes practice. Make sure to celebrate your little victories throughout the day, no matter how small and meaningless they may seem. Hope this helped! : )
Karla Z.
I find it quite hard but I think about what I would do to make the world better and then I motivate myself and finally get out of bed. It helps me if I open my curtains straight away so my mind is ready and awake for the day.
Cecilie Z.
At first I had to remind myself but now that I am used to it, it happens on its own it's like I want to do it to achieve something as the fabulous encouraging words make me feel better.
Carlos I.
Since making myself consciously aim to drink water first thing in the the morning it is the first thing I do automatically. After drinking lots of water I feel energized which pushes me to go excersise. So it's a positive reinforcement cycle!
Ad O F.
I have to t9 make a decision I wake yo at 6:30am and I am busy all through out the day so when I get to bed I am really tired so yeah it takes me a while but I do it
Emily O.
I would say try your hardest to get up as soon as you wake up motivate yourself to get moving but take small steps to it
Magarete F.
Well the first thing I do in the morning is going to the toilet and theres a faucet which I ise to drink water from so I don’t go out of my way to drink water what really helps me. As for sports I cycle to my work so that way I incorporate it into my daily routine without switching it up to much so its very sustainable to keep doing it and maybe this works for you too. I believe in you, you got this 💪