Do you ever feel self-conscious going to the gym when you’re out of shape or haven’t been there in ages? How do you work through that?

Mia Y.
That's one of the reasons I didn't wanna go to the gym and would only exercise at home. But thankfully I managed to accept my body as it is, knowing it concerns to me only. Besides, we all start from some point and not being in shape is exactly the reason why you're at the gym.

Lauren Y.
Well I haven't been to gym before. But if you like, you can do home workouts! Workouts can be done anywhere and anytime. Don't stress too much about going to the gym. As long as your excercising, you're fine!😃

Sandra R.
Yes. I've learned that most of the people at the gym feel self-conscious, even those who appear to be in excellent shape. To help me through it, I embrace it and begin a conversation with someone else. Sometimes to distract me sometimes to ask support. When I'm in a group I sit near the front. Other participants frequently encourage me to stick with it. I've even had the participant hiding in the back tell me that seeing me struggling gave them hope and courage to keep at it too.

Noel Y.
I take comfort in the fact that most people there were me at some point. And I know for a fact that gym goers are not judgemental because they know where you are coming from. And to the ones that do judge, they’re showing their true ugly self and it doesn’t affect me.

Lorilei Z.
Of course! Im mostly scared about how my body will respond to it. I work through it by being excited and look foward to the future to see how much I have ccomplished.

Lowri O.
The truth of the matter is if youre worried others will silently judged you need to realize that as long as you feel good about yourself it doesnt matter. Dont focus on tge fact u havent been in a while, be proud of yourself for going that moment xx

Sineide S.
If I see new people at the gym or people like me with more weight than your regular gym goer, I always think 'congrats to them, they're doing well'. So with that in mind, I believe that there are other people in the gym who think like that as well when they see me. So I use that instead of thinking if I look odd there. And I remind myself that I'm doing this for myself, whether they judge me in their mind doesn't matter. Plus putting on a Great workout song that makes me feel good helps as well. 🙂