I have injured my foot and I can’t run for several weeks. What kind of exercise should I do instead?

Ridwan N.
Sorry about your foot injury 🤕, hope it heals faster.

I'll recommend you do exercises that are mild and are not really focused on the foot. You should do more exercises that wouldn't make you move a lot.

Dawn J.
I’m sorry to hear about your injury – I hope it heals soon! I would highly suggest to try out yoga as an alternate form of exercise. In yoga, there are several poses and many different variations of the poses which could be completed with an injured foot. Additionally, some yoga practices/routines definitely work up a sweat, as well as help stretch out the body. If you are looking for a more intensive cardio workout, another suggestion I have is to try a stationary bike. Many stationary bikes have wide pedals which could accommodate for an injured foot (depending on cast size)!