If you do yoga in the morning, how do you stay focused? I keep losing focus whenever I practice at home.

Lilia X.
just Relax and get all things out of your mind hear some yoga music it hrlps alot and follow youtube channels it helps yoube a pro at yoga
just trust me it will help

Hope it helps 🌻💫

Clayton I.
I personally use an app called 8fit for exercise, which gives me personalized guided workouts, and that usually keeps me focused. It also includes several yoga sessions. I’d also recommend playing some type of music that you can focus with.
Kay X.
Lock yourself in a seperate room while doing yoga..generally when u do when people are around you..u tend to lose focus…also journal it everyday
Regina E.
So I’m kinda of a over thinker, but what I would do to distract myself of my thoughts is think of positive stuff. And if I’m distracted from the things around me then I would move those things and if those a don’t work then try telling to yourself your goals and that you will get to your goals. Everything’s possible
Victor U.
Yoga is a body AND mind practice, so just put your mind to it & do it, if you really want to be practicing yoga properly.