Is there something that helps you get the exercise habit done?

Aristides Q.
Don’t think too much about it. Overthinking leads to procrastination. Do exercise in shot chunks and 1st thing in morning. Walk to work from car. Walk in lunchtime and extend lunch break to do this. Work later and walk back to car. 4 days a week.
Jovan J.
It helps if I have a positive association of fun or ease to the activity. Instead of feeling dread to accomplish it I feel as though it is a treat. It helps when I choose an activity I have ease in accomplishing. If I am in the mindset of starting something new and simultaneously trying to “challenge” myself physically I can quickly pick up a habit of feeling defeated before I start or to have unreasonable expectations. The grandeur of wild successes then gets in the way of the reality of where I’m at.

Also when it is an activity that I actually enjoy I feel as though I am learning about my identity and I value hat feeling. It is important for me to acknowledge that I physically enjoy the activity and internalize the success as a benchmark. This helps me know I can rise to meet the challenge of completing this habit.

Albert Z.
The number one thing that has helped me get the exercise habit done is proximity to the gym. It used to take 20 minutes to get there by car. I moved. Now, I’m only 3 minute walk away. It makes a big difference.
Mikhail Y.
I keep my toiletries in my gym locker. If I don’t want to smell bad and have crappy hair I have to go to the gym in the morning.
Karl E.
Yes I love using the seven app on my phone it has a great variety of workouts and best of all are only seven minutes long so I can get a quick workout in and feel accomplished each day
Annedore F.
I go to the gym on my hour lunch break. I normally have a half an hour workout although, they say that’s all you need! 😉
Florent Y.
I ask myself ‘how can I make my life better today?’ And the first things on my list are working out and making my bed. I try to do something everyday, and some days the answer is ‘just rest’. But today is running day 😀
Jerry P.
Yes, i do what i love and enjoy which is zumba. The trick is to find something you love to be excited to do it. Also songs helps a lot cause sometimes i do squats and crunches songs will keep you motivated. To make it easier i arranged the playlist of the songs i love to hear while exercising and I bought a wireless headset.
Arm Nio Z.
I have found that there are little moves or exercises that I prefer over others. If I want to generate the extra energy to complete my goal I start with my small favs and listen to my Roch Anthem and get to work! It is hard not to want to kill your work out with Freddie Mercury singing you into motivation!!!
Julia U.
Starting with a ridiculously small increment of time and sticking with that amount for a long time. I never feel burnt out, unenthused or intimidated by working out. It's just enough that I crave the next workout session. Only after I voluntarily worked out longer than my goal time on a regular basis did I bump up my time and only enough to still make it feasible. I always get my workout finished because I have worked slowly to get to this point and will work slowly to increase it.
Everalda S.
I do morning exercise. It fresh my mind and provide me energy for whole day. I can really feel it, it allows my body produce fuels for my brain! Looking fit is of course the great side effects it brings. 😏
Adam A.
Definitely it’s the feeling right after exercise,in my case it’s a yoga. The other day I feel I need to be back on my mat and I cannot stop 😉. After two years I can see amazing results.
Maxime E.
I start going easy on myself. I do yoga exercises to build some core strength and stretch my way to a good day. I've purchased equalizer bars to keep my exercise simple with just my body weight. Having invested some money helps me to commit more to building a lasting habit of excercising.
Hans Ulrich O.
If I have limited time! This forces you to factor in an extra 10 minutes to your morning, which you've specifically put aside for exercise. Knowing this is motivating.
Di A.
What really helped me was 2 things. 1) I made a social media account specifically for my physical health journey. I made it private so it wasn’t about showing off it was just about holding myself accountable to going so I could post stuff so I can go back and see what all I’ve done. 2) I got a friend to come along with me! Having someone else there really helped me to keep going.
Heidelinde Z.
Whenever I’m having trouble staying motivated to exercise daily, I just adjust my routine back to something simple, easy, and fun. For example, I might say, “Ok, I couldn’t motivate myself to be active the last couple of days; so, something isn’t working. Tomorrow morning I’m gonna commit to just dancing to one of my favorite songs when I wake up.” That’s an easy self-promise to keep, and I often end up dancing to more than one song. BUT, I keep my promise at just one to get myself back on track. If I do one and I’m just not feeling it, I stop and consider it a success. I’ve gone from failing to do anything to succeeding to do something, and that gets me back in a positive mindset for future days of repeated success 😀 Hope that helps!
Noah Y.
Well I measure my weight everyday. I also take a photo in a specific pose to make a timeline later on. Looking myself in the mirror makes me want to push harder. I do not want to do legs in the gym today(today is Saturday ) since I had a very busy week and I do yoga and play one sport daily. But all I have planned is that I will just go to gym to say hello to few gym friends and I will see if It will work out or not .
L Rke C.
Because i work all day sitting by my computer, and my back is killing me. So it helps me, because after exercise i feel much better and my back is thanfull to me 😀
Storm A.
Just start putting your workout clothes on. Then your shoes if you‘re going outside. And then you‘re ready to start working out, so you might as well. One of my favorite inspirational saying goes something like „You‘ll never regret a workout“.
Annekatrin E.
The reminder Fabulous gives me everyday is really helpfull. Some days it isn’t necessary but when I am extremely busy I tend go forget……
Crystal P.
I make sure that all the obstacles that stop me from exercising are minimized as much as possible. For example, my mat is already rolled out beside my bed and that my gym clothes are really close. I also decided to be less hard on myself when I don’t excercise or when I only do 5 minutes. Don’t beat yourself up, tomorrow is a brand new day.
Louka T.
Routine. It is just part of my daily grind, and I want to tick off that box that says ‘Good job, you did your morning routine’. And I will always keep it small. Too many times I’ve failed by going too big too fast, I need habits and not sprints.
Cetin A.
Do you mean getting the habit down every day or just finishing it. You shouldn't that no of it as a habit, it's a part of you now, you do it everyday it's more than a habit. It takes pain to be great.
Bryan U.
Only idea, that the smallest step is better than nothing. When I do not want to do anything at all (ill, sleeping, tired) I do 20 sec plank.
Hans Adolf J.
Yes, my conscience and determination!!! 😀
But good planning and scheduling ahead of each week really helps. The more hurdles you can roll out of your way early, the better the chances you will actually have the time to take care of YOU!
Kirk E.
Yes. My journal. How I felt coupled with measuring the session… I can see inprovemwnt, I can read back how I felt and how it's getting better!
Edelina Q.
Leaving my yoga mat out in my office, having my echo dot there so Alexa can find any music I want immediately. Also just…yoga. It is the exercise that creates the greatest feeling for the least amount of prep/work/time!
Janai Z.
I start moving as soon as the timer starts even if I don't know what I'm going to do I just move, dance, start punching and kicking. I move for 8 minutes and if I land on something else then I do that as long as it takes. Free weights, yoga, etc.
Patsy U.
I have decided to view my 30 minute bike trip to work as the light exercise even though i am usually sweaty when i get to work, because i feel like actual exercise (as in a gym) is too big of a hurdle for now. Small steps!
Alicja T.
After doing my morning workout for several days in a row, I know that my body feels awake and alive after I’m done. That’s what I remember the next day.