I have tried several times to build up the running habit but was never able to do it (mostly because I am not a fan of running and anything will derail it). How to you make running a habit if you don’t like running?

Eve P.
Hi, personally I'm not a runner myself but if I'm ever trying to find some motivation in doing something I don't like or don't enjoy I will listen to music as it motivates me to carry on. Or I think about what I can achieve by doing this for example when you are dreading the thought of running think of what you can achieve from doing that. It might be a healthy lifestyle, heart or good figure this will persuade you to complete that run!
Madison O.
It’s nigh impossible to make a habit of something you don’t already enjoy. If you don’t like running, it’s not going to become a habit. Maybe try something else, like stairstepping or dancing. If you enjoy the activity, it becomes a habit so much easier and faster.
Danielle F.
Start of with baby steps , Start of by playing nature or calm sound in your earphones and start jogging in one place in your house for 3 days , then go outside and start jogging around with music , gradually start running instead of jogging
Lovely X.
I think what’s better to do is to start by walking and then slowly change it into running. Perhaps your body cannot take all this running all of a sudden.
Anna Z.
Take another person with you to run or keep a challenge of running and keep a goal but if you are still not able to run try doing exercise every morning 🙂