Is weight the consuming thought that makes you believe you need exercise or is the continuous good energy you feel after you complete a exercise routine you thought previously you couldn’t?

Lana N.
Weight isn't important to me right now, but I'm out of shape and looking at the mirror to see that my body isn't fit, make me feel guilty
Arlene E.
No exercising-in the morning is not because your not happy with your weight it is good to do it for you to make your self feel free and especially in the Morning to get a kick start to your day is really good ♥️
Soren F.
Sometimes if people think they're overweight or don't feel good about how they look yes it is the thought of that that would tell them they need excersise.
Pietro U.
I am VERY underweight and I am looking to eat more, work for muscle, and treat my body better. I have struggled with weight my whole life and it’s very unfortunate cause I’ll forget to eat and I barely work out. So I am looking to improve my physical self and my mental self
Mike Z.
I've always been a lazy person who hated excersices or moving in general, but it didn't affect my body shape, I'm not overweight but I'm not also fit maybe the reason why I'm not overweight is because i eat regular amount of food but the absence of excersice really had a bad influence on my brain, i lost focus and was hard to concentrate thats why i started exercising