Does a daylight simulation alarm clock help to wake up at a better stage of the sleep cycle?

Pius Y.
I would definitely assume so. I wake up with the sun now but when daylight savings hits my morning is dark and it's hard to get moving
Simon Z.
No, not unless it's synced to your sleep cycle somehow. However, it helps you waken more authentically and some people find that makes it easier to get up. If you want to wake up better with your sleep cycle, use an app that tracks your sleep and wakens you at the end of a REM cycle instead of in the middle of one
Olivia A.
I use sleep cycle the app, the alarm goes off when you’re in light sleep, works great. I saw it can be connected to Philips Hue.
Should not work for me since I sleep with a mask
Rosano N.
Day light never help to wake me up I depend on a multiple time alarm clock to wale up and it's been like this ever since I was a child.